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The acronym LCD stands for

A. Light Colour Display.
B. Light Crystal Display.
C. Liquid Colour Display.
D. Liquid Crystal Digital.
E. Liquid Crystal Display.

A/An ______ is essentially the same message emailed respectively and broadcast to recipients who did not request for it.

A. Broadcast    B. Bulk Message    C. Email    D. Phishing    E. Spain

Which of the following models is organized into a tree-like structure and allows record in a particular order? `

A. Hierarchical model
B. Network model
C. Object-relational model
D. Relational model
E. Star schema model

Which of the following is not a computer professional?

A. Network Administrator
B. Web Master
C. System Analyst
D. File Manager

Information that stimulates only the sense of hearing are referred to as

A. visuals.    B. audio.    C. audio-visuals.    D. audience.

An e-mail sent to a recipient who is offline will be

A. destroyed.
B. returned to the sender.
C. converted to a virus.
D. kept in the recipient’s inbox.

Which of the following computer virus is undetectable and attempts to allow someone to gain control of a computer system?

A. Boot sector
B. Logic bomb
C. Root kit
D. Trojan horse
E. Worms

Which of the following resources cannot be shared in networking?

A. File    B. Hard disk    C. Monitor    D. Primer.    E. Scanner

The exchange of information over a network follow a set of rules called

A. transmission rules.
B. transfer rules.
C. channels.
D. protocols.

Which type of a computer is usually slower and less expensive than super computer?

A. Desktop
B. Laptop
C. Mainframe
D. Mini computer
E. Super computer

Which of the following is not a source of data collection?

A. Observation    B. Interview    C. Questionnaire    D. Classification

A program developed to protect the computer from malicious software is referred to as

A. trojan.    B. driver.    C. antivirus.    D. spyware.

Convert 110112 to base 10.

A. 17    B. 27    C. 31    D. 37    E. 41

Which of the following is not a window executable file extension?

A. .bat    B. .com    C. .doc    D. .exe    E. .prog

The type of data entered into a table in database follow a set of rules known as

A. protocols.   B. regulators.    C. algorithms.    D. constraints.

While typing with the computer, a girl presses the ctrl key and letter V on the keyboard at the same time. She is

A. typing capital letter
B. saving the document with the letter v.
C. pasting a selected item.
D. deleting a selected item.

The following are types of antivirus, except

A. Avast.    B. AVG.    C. McAfee.    D. Norton.    E. Logic bomb.

The diagram above illustrates the relationship between two tables in a database.

The student ID in Table II is referred to as

A. primary key.    B. foreign key.    c. normal key.    D. composite key.

Which of the following describes the shortest distance in computer networks?

A. Local Area Network
B. Metropolitan Area Network
C. Personal Area Network
D. Wide Area Network

What type of computer is the traffic control light called'?

A. Analog computer.
B. General purpose computer
C. Hybrid computer.
D. Micro computer.
E. Special purpose computer

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