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Which of these will easily represent a Boolean data items in binary?

A. ‘0’, ‘0’    B. ‘0’,’1’    C. ‘1’, ‘1’    D. ‘01’, ‘10’    E. ‘10’, ‘11’

The following are abuses of the internet, except

A. cyber bullying.
B. cyber cruising.
C. hacking.
D. malware.
E. spam.

Convert 478 to its binary equivalent.

A. 1001112    B. 1100112    C. 100012    D. 11110112

Social networking does not promote

A. personal publicity.
B. business expansion.
C. e-commerce.
D. e-payment.

Sources of computer virus include the following, except

A. Diskettes.    B. Downloads.    C. E-mails.    D. Encryption.    E. Hackers.

The following are characteristics of fifth generation computer, except

A. built with artificial intelligence.
B. processing speed is faster.
C. produces little or no heat.
D. uses symbolic language.
E. very small in size.

A field in a database table is also known as

A. index.    B. relation.    C. attribute.    D. key.

Preventing data from corruption and unauthorized access is known as

A. data integrity.    B. data security.    C. data coding.    D. data passwording.

The following are functions of a database management system, except

A. arranging data tiles.
B. creating data files.
C. generating report from the data.
D. querying the data files.
E. report documentation.

A program developed to protect the computer from malicious software is referred to as

A. trojan.    B. driver.    C. antivirus.    D. spyware.

The diagram above illustrates the relationship between two tables in a database.

What type of relationship exists between Tables I and II?

A. One to one    B. Three to four    C. Four to three   D. One to many

What is the full meaning of URL?

A. Uniform Reforms Limited
B. Uniform Relief Location
C. Uniform Remote Location
D. Uniform Resource Locator
E. Uniform Resource Logic

The computer professional who is responsible for connectivity and data security is the

A. Network Administrator.
B. Computer Programmer.
C. Computer Engineer.
D. Computer Operator.

The smallest element in a File is called

A. character.    B. data.    C. database.    D. field.   E. record.

The computer application package which is widely used by engineers and architects is called

A. Auto CAD.    B. Lotus 123.    C. MS Excel.    D. MS Word.    E. Spread Sheet.

The following factors are to be considered when choosing a file organization method, except

A. . average age of the file.
B. File access method.
C. file activity.
D. frequency of update.
E. nature of the system.

Which of the following is not a source of data collection?

A. Observation    B. Interview    C. Questionnaire    D. Classification

In spreadsheets, data would not be accepted into a cell by pressing the

A. Enter key.    B. Arrow key.    C. Esc key.    D. Tab key.

What is the full meaning of ARPANET?

A. Advanced Read Project Agency Network
B. Advanced Research Project Agency Network
C. Agency Read Project Advance Network
D. Agency Research Production Advance Network .
E. Agency Research Project Advance Network

The first mechanical counting device called Abacus was developed in

A. America.    B. Britain.    C. China.    D. Denmark.    E. Egypt.

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