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An advantage of Graphical User Interface (GUI) over Disk Operating System (DOS) is that it allows the use of

A. diskette    B. keyboard    C. mouse    D. monitor

Which of the following is employed in transfer of data between computers and a network?

A. Fiber optics.
B. Male connector.
C. Female connector.
D.USB Port.

The instruction fetched into the CPU is decoded by the

A. primary memory
B. program counter
D. Control Unit

In Microsoft word, CTRL + ESC ......... the start menu

A. Closes    B. Cuts    C. Opens    D. Redo

The symbolic representation of hard disk is

A. B:    B. B:l     C. C:     D. C:l

Which of the following statements is true of encryption? It

A. provides complete privacy.
B. provides security of varying reliability.
C. makes messages unreadable by the recipient.
D. permits an individual to have access to another person’s message.

The number of cells that contains numeric data in the table are

A. 4.    B. 8.    C. 9.    D. 12.

The transaction file can also be described as

A. master file.    B. movement file.    C. reference file.    D. historical file.

The number of cells that contain data in row 1 is

A. 1     B. 3     C. 5     D. 7

The figure above represents

A. an AND gate.
B. an OR gate.
C. a NOT gate.
D. a NAND gate.

The full meaning of BCD is

A. Basic Coded Decimal
B. Basic Computer Decimal
C. Binary Coded Decimal
D. Binary Coded Digit

The speed of a processor is measured in

A. Kilobyte     B. Kilohertz    C. Megabyte    D. Megahertz

Which of the following statements is true of free software? It

A. can be borrowed freely.
B. is a low-cost software.
C. is a free unlicensed software.
D. is a licensed software with permission to copy freely.

Which of the following is the main advantage of intellectual property right?

A. Discouragement of sharing.
B. Discovery of brilliant persons.
C. Encouragement of innovations.
D. Maximization of profit.

An example of a programming language that uses mnemonic codes is

A. Assembly program.
B. BASIC program.
C. COBOL program.
D. FORTRAN program.

Which of the following items best describes the term hardcopy?

A. Print out
B. Written on a hard board
C. information stored on a hard disk
D. Amount of data

In hexadecimal number system, B, D and E represent which of the following decimal numbers?

A. 11, 13 and 14 respectively.
B. 12, 14 and 15 respectively.
C. 13, 14 and 15 respectively.
D. 14, 16 and 17 respectively.

The common name for all input and output devices is

A. keyboard    B. peripheral    C. printer    D. storage

910 is equivalent to X8, where X is

A. 7.    B. 10.    C. 11    D. 12

Which of the following circuits is used as memory device in a computer?

A. Attenuator    B. Comparator    C. Flip-flop    D. Modem

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