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The combination of product, price, promotion and distribution decisions employed by a company is referred to as its

A. pricing policy.
B. marketing mix.
B. product mix.
D. marketing concept.

The functions of credit and thrift society does not include

A. charging low interest rate on loan.
B. providing savings facilities.
C. encouraging mutual co-operation of members.
D. providing security for members' property.

A trader’s turnover was D36,000. Purchases was D28,000. The opening stock was D2,000 and the closing stock D3,000

The average stock is

A. D5, 000.    B. D3, 000.    C. D2,500.    C. D2, 000.

The buyer in a hire purchase contract becomes the legal owner of the goods by paying

A. initial deposit.
B. the last instalment.
C. half of the purchase price.
D. two-third of the purchase price.

Before the advent of legal tender and credit instrument, which of the following was used as a medium of exchange?

A. Currency notes.    B. Cowries.    C. Cheques    D. Bank drafts.

Which of the following is used to inform the addressee that he has a registered parcel for collection?

A. Counterfoil   B. Express label    C. Slip.    D. Telegram.

A personal computer on sale in an office equipment shop is an example of

A. stock    B. fixed asset    C. liability    D. fixed capital

ln limited partnership the partners'

A. capital is limited.
B. liability is limited.
C. participation is unlimited.
D. ownership is unlimited.

Which of the following is a feature of mail order business?

A. Employs many shop assistants
B. Practises self service
C. Provides attractive shop front
D. Rents large warehouse

Which of the following is concerned with promoting favourable image of an organization?

A. Consumer sovereignty
B. Public relations
C. Marketing research
D. Market segmentation

A term which describes the value of business connections made by a company over the years is known as

A. patent    B. copyright    C. goodwill    D. trade mark

The PW Company Ltd. Achieved the following result in 2012

The return on capital employed is

A. 25%    B. 20%    C. 15%    D. 5%

Which of the following is a means of payment?

A. I. O. U    B. Postal order    C. Promissory note.    D. C. I F

Which of the following acted as the central bank for West African countries before their independence?

A. The West African Clearing House
B. The British Bank for West Africa
C. The West African Currency Board
D. The African Development Bank

If a share is quoted ex-div, it means the new buyer would

A. get the next dividend
B. not get the next dividend
C. get a fixed dividend
D. not get any dividend

A false statement made by one party with an intention of including the other party to enter into a contract with him is known as

A. misrepresentation.    B. legal capacity.    C. consensus and idem.    D. consideration

The assets of a business that is available as cash or near cash is called

A. equity.    B. capital employed.    C. reserved capital.    D. liquid capital.

Liquid capital in a business means the

A. movable assets of the business.
B. authorised capital.
C. issued capital.
D. Assets easily convertible to cash

The box marked 'Z' stands for

A. Warehousing.
B. Home trade.
C. Foreign trade.
D. Marketing.

Collecting information on the taste of consumers and the extent of demand for a product is

A. market research.
B. market segmentation.
C. marketing mix.
D. marketing concept.

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