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Human rights abuse can be prevented through the following, except

A. constitutional means.
B. Court of law.
C. mass literacy.
D. mass media.
E. protest.

The responsibilities of government to its citizens include the following, except

A. creating employment opportunity.
B. maintenance of law and order.
C. payment of property tax to its citizens
D. protection of lives and property
E. provision of social amenities.

Political apathy often leads to

A. low level of participation.
B. good governance.
C. political stability.
D. low literacy level

The headquarters of United Nations is located in

A. Abuja.
B. England.
C. Hague.
D. New York.
E. Washington D.C.

The greatest hindrance to Nigeria political development is

A. by stander.
B. corruption.
C. manipulation.
D. marginalization.
E. thuggery.

Zubair: Today is the day for gubernatorial elections, Ade what are you waiting for? Let us go and cast our votes for candidates of our choice.

Ade: I have no interest in an election which would not yield any dividend of democracy. Our political elite are only concerned about their interest when they get to the position of authority. For crying out loud, I have made up my mind that I will not vote again.

Zubair: Haba! Ade, don’t you remember Abraham Lincoln’s words that ‘all men are not just, all men are not true. But... for every scoundrel there is a hero, that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader!’ Come on, go and cast your vote so that we can choose the right person for the position and change the political, economic and social directions of our great state.

Ade’s action as shown in the dialogue is a demonstration of political

A. wisdom.    B. apathy.    C. lawlessness.    D. participation.

Use the dialogue below to answer the question

Ada: Wanja, where are you going to in this ungodly hour of the night?
Wanja: l am heading towards my usual joint to enjoy myself.
Ada: Which joint?
Wanja: XYZ Night Club, where l take marijuana and alcoholic beverages, I really want to be high tonight so that when people see me tomorrow, they will fear and respect me.
Ada: Remember, people who work under the influence of hard drugs and alcoholic beverages are prone to either psychiatric problems or premature death. Softly young man, imbibe good-matured character, you have the world at your feet and a destiny to fulfill. Pray you will not be the architect of your own misfortune.

From this dialogue, it is very likely that Wanja will be exhibiting the following characters except

A. disobedience to constituted authority.
B. truancy and perpetual lateness to school.
C. hospitable attitude towards people.
D. arrogance and unruly behavior.

HIV is the acronym for Human

A. Immune Virus.
B. Immune-Deficiency Virus.
C. Immunity Virus.
D. Immunization Virus.
E. Immuno-Deficiency Virus.

The present constitution of Nigeria came into operation in

A. 1995.    B. 1996.    C. 1997.    D. 1998.    E. 1999.

Franchise can be described as the political right to

A. belong to a political party.
B. contest an election.
C. own property.
D. vote and be voted for.
E. vote during elections.
Which of the following is not a skill that promotes interpersonal relationship?

A. Caring
B. Cruelty
C. Honesty
D. Kindness
E. Tolerance

ne of the aims of citizenship education is to produce students with

A. creative skill.
B. high sense of entrepreneurial skill.
C. high sense of patriotism.
D. manipulative skills.
E. scientific ideas.

Conflicts are  better resolved in the society through

A. tribunal    B. litigation    C. dialogue.    D. the court.

Which month was Nigeria declared Ebola free by the World Health Organisation?

A. June, 2014
B. July, 2014
C. August, 2014
D. September, 2014
E. October, 2014

The spirit of nationalism and patriotism promotes

A. colonialism
B. discord.
C. indirect rule
D. rancour
E. unity.

An election conducted to determine a winner after a general election is known as ____ election.

A. bye
B. plebiscite
C. primary
D. referendum
E. run-off

One major trend in Kantoga Republic today, especially during elections, is the engagement of youths by some politicians for political thuggery, rigging, stuffing of ballot boxes and other related electoral offences. Most of the youths who are engaged in these crimes have no means of livelihood or are school drop-outs.

These youths are Kantoguans who ought to benefit from the enormous wealth and resources of the nation. Unfortunately, this is not the case at the moment. Indeed, it is the duty of government, especially at the centre, to provide entrepreneurial skill acquisition programme and start-up funds for small scale businesses to empower the youths. This will reduce the chances of engagement of youths for wrong purposes.

Based on the write-up, what immediate measures can those in authority take to empower the youths?

A. Build more youth orientation camps in the country
B. Enhance religious and moral education in schools and colleges
C. Provide entrepreneurial training with adequate fund
D. Provide free meal for the teeming unemployed youths

HIV/AIDS is generally described as terminal in nature because it is

A. preventable.   B. transmittable.    C. avertable.   D. incurable.

The land in contention between Nigeria and Cameroon is called

A. Bakassi Penisula
B. Bonny Island
C. Calabar River
B. Lekki Peninsular
E. Victoria Island.

Effective and responsible parenthood is primarily

A. a national duty.
B. a military duty.
C. a political duty.
D. an economic duty.

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