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An election conducted to determine a winner after a general election is known as ____ election.

A. bye
B. plebiscite
C. primary
D. referendum
E. run-off

ln the above diagram, all vehicles stopped mainly because

A. it is emergency crossing line.
B. the pedestrians have already stepped on the line.
C. the traffic wardens have instructed them to stop.
D. the traffic light has shown green.

Use the dialogue below to answer the question

Ada: Wanja, where are you going to in this ungodly hour of the night?
Wanja: l am heading towards my usual joint to enjoy myself.
Ada: Which joint?
Wanja: XYZ Night Club, where l take marijuana and alcoholic beverages, I really want to be high tonight so that when people see me tomorrow, they will fear and respect me.
Ada: Remember, people who work under the influence of hard drugs and alcoholic beverages are prone to either psychiatric problems or premature death. Softly young man, imbibe good-matured character, you have the world at your feet and a destiny to fulfill. Pray you will not be the architect of your own misfortune.

Which of the following may result from Wanja's habit?

A. Humility for elders.
B. Criminality in the society.
C. Advocacy for hard drugs by NGOs.
D. Excellent performance in school.

Use the report below to answer the question:

The Bawall High Court has ordered the police in Area Z Command to produce Mr. Zeb, who is in police custody for an alleged offence. The court insists that Mr. Zeb cannot be punished until he is found guilty of breach of any law of the land by a court of competent jurisdiction.

The position of the court on this matter justifies the essence of the

A. rule of law.
B. legislature.
C. police command.
D. separation of powers.

The division of Nigeria into various constituencies with each electing a person to represent it in the National Assembly is a demonstration of

A. checks and balances.
B. popular participation.
C. political rivalry among the constituents.
D. drive towards succession in the country.

The judiciary is independent, when judges are

A. absolutely free to control the executives and legislature.
B. empowered to amend the national constitution.
C. free from external control and interference.
D. free to join any political party of their choice.
E. popularly elected into political offices.

One of the conditions which can limit the enjoyment of Human Rights in Nigeria is the

A. acceptance of foreign aid by the government.
B. improvement in literacy level of the citizens.
C. declaration of state of emergency by government.
D. periodic review of the constitution by government.

A situation where most citizens fail to vote in elections could be described as political

A. socialization.
B. culture.
C. apathy.
D. legitimacy.

When was the first HIV/AIDs case reported in Nigeria?

A. 1980    B. 1983    C. 1985    D. 1987    E. 1989

A system of government that listens to public opinion and tolerates opposition is

A. dictatorial regime.
B. capitalist regime.
C. democratic regime.
D. socialist regime.

The principle of the “rule of law” was propounded by

A. Abraham Lincoln.
B. A.V. Dicey.
C. Jean Bodin.
D. Karl Marx.
E. Thomas Hobbes.

One major trend in Kantoga Republic today, especially during elections, is the engagement of youths by some politicians for political thuggery, rigging, stuffing of ballot boxes and other related electoral offences. Most of the youths who are engaged in these crimes have no means of livelihood or are school drop-outs.

These youths are Kantoguans who ought to benefit from the enormous wealth and resources of the nation. Unfortunately, this is not the case at the moment. Indeed, it is the duty of government, especially at the centre, to provide entrepreneurial skill acquisition programme and start-up funds for small scale businesses to empower the youths. This will reduce the chances of engagement of youths for wrong purposes.

From the above write-up, what category of Kantoguan youths deserves to be effectively empowered?

A. Children of the ruling political class
B. Unemployed youths and school drop-outs
C. University undergraduate
D. Youth wing of religious organizations

A major way of promoting responsible parenthood is through

A. sex education.
B. sound education.
C. population control measures.
D. tax reduction measures.

Effective and responsible parenthood is primarily

A. a national duty.
B. a military duty.
C. a political duty.
D. an economic duty.

The National Assembly, Presidency and Court which are inter—related and interdependent in our democracy constitute the

A. tiers of government.
B. types of democracy.
C. forms of government.
D. arms of government.

The following are causes of examinations malpractice, except

A. dubbing.
B. impersonation.
C. intimidation.
D. obstruction.
E. temptation.

In which year did the United Nations General Assembly adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

A. 1945    B. 1946    C. 1947    D. 1948

Which of the following factors does not affect interpersonal relationship?

A. Communication
B. Withdrawal
C. Compatibility
D. Forgiveness

The following are the causes of human trafficking, except

A. contentment.
B. corruption.
C. greed.
D. low self esteem.
E. poverty.

The above picture portrays drunkenness mainly as

A. an individual habit in the society.
B. a potential health hazard.
C. a challenge to responsible parenting.
D. an environmental nuisance.

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