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In metallic solid, the force of attraction is between the mobile valence electrons and the

A. atoms.    B. neutrons.    C. negative ions.    D. positively charged nuclei.

When heat is absorbed during a chemical reaction, the reaction is said to be

A. adiabatic    B. endothermic    C. exothermic.    D. Isothermal.

Which of the following electron transitions results in the emission of energy?

A. 3p to 3s    B. 3p to 4p    C. 2s to 2P    D. 1s to 2s.

Which of the following measures is not suitable for controlling water pollution?

A. Treating industrial effluent and domestic sewage before discharge into water
B. Controlling the use of agrochemicals
C. Recycling industrial and agricultural wastes
D. Burning industrial and agricultural wastes before discharge into waterways.

Which of the following bond types is responsible for the high boiling point of water?

A. Metallic bond.    B. Covalent bond.    C. Ionic bond.    D. Hydrogen bond.

If 60 cm3 of a gas is heated from 27°C to 50°C, what is the new volume of the gas at constant pressure

A. 32.4 cm3     B. 55.7 cm3     C. 64.6 cm3     D. 111.1 cm3

The percentage by mass of calcium in Ca(OCI)2 is _______
[Ca = 40.0; Cl = 35.5; O = 16.0)

A. 28.0%.     B. 31.6%.     C. 43.8%.     D. 44.5%.

Consider the reaction represented by the equation:

N2O4(g) ↔ 2NO2(g); = +x kJmol-1

What happens when the temperature is reduced at equilibrium?

A. Concentration of N2O4(g) decreases.
B. Concentration of N2O4(g) increases.
C. Pressure exerted by the gases increases.
D. Pressure exerted by the gases remains constant.

The key factor to be considered in sitting a chemical industry is

A. favourable climatic condition
B. the availability of space to store raw materials
C. its nearess to other indistrial establishments
D. its nearess to the source of raw materials

Which of the following pairs of salts undergo hydrolysis?

A. AICl3 and NH4CI
B. AlCl3 and NaCl
C. FeCl3 and KCI
D. Na2SO4 and K2SO4

Aqueous copper (II) tetraoxosulphate (VI) was electrolysed using the following pairs of electrodes. In which case was there a decrease in the mass of the anode?

Electrode - Cathode                Anode
A.             Graphite                 Graphite
B.             Platinum                 Platinum
C.             Copper                    Copper
D.            Graphite                  Platinum

What is the IUPAC name of CH3 CH7 COOCH3?

A. Ethylethanoate    B. Methylethanoate    C. Methylpropanoate    D. Prophyimethanoate

An atom of an element X gains two electrons. The symbol of the ion formed is

A. X+    B. X2+    C. X2-    D. X

The major product formed by the reaction between ethanoic acid and aqueous sodium hydroxide is

A. soap.    B. sodium ethanoate.    C. sodium methoxide.    D. water

The molecule which has a linear shape is

A. CH4    B. NH3    C. H2S    D. CO2

Which of the following reactions will be affected by change in pressure at equilibrium?

A. X(g) + Y(g) ⇋ W(g) + Z(g)
B. X(g) + 2Y(g) ⇋ W(g) + Z(g)
C. 2X(g) ⇋ W(g) + Z(g)
D. 2Y(g) ⇋ W(g) + Z(g)

Which of the following factors that affect the rate of chemical reactions can be explained in terms of the collision theory?

I. Concentration    II. Pressure    III. Temperature    IV. Catalyst.

A. I and II only    B. I, II and III only    C. I and III only    D. I, III and IV only.

The main function of limestone in the blast furnace is to

A. act as catalyst.
B. act as reducing agent.
C. remove impurity.
D. supply carbon (IV) oxide.

Which of the following organic compounds would decolourize bromine water?

A. Benzene.    B. Cyclobutane.    C. Hexane.    D. Pentane.

In the periodic table, alkaline earth metals can be found in group

A. I.    B. II.    C. VI.    D. VII.

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