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Noble gas molecules are held together by

A. van der Waals forces.    B. hydrogen bonds.    C. dative bonds.    D. covalent bonds.

What quantity of electrons in moles is needed to discharge two moles of aluminium from aluminium oxide (Al2O3)?

A. 1     B. 2     C. 4     D. 6

What is the IUPAC name of

A. 2 — methylethyne
B. Prop —2— yne
C. Pent — 3 — yne
D. Propyne

Which of the following materials is classified as a non-biodegradable pollutant?

A. Animal hide.    B. Paper.    C. Plastic.    D. Wood.

Which of the following cells produce electrical energy from chemical reactions?

I. Lead-acid battery    II. Dry cell    III. Daniell cell    IV. Electrolytic cell

A. I and II only     B. I, II and III only.     C. II, III and IV only.     D. I, III and IV only.

What is the product CxHy in the following equation?

C10H2 -—-> C8H18+ CxHy

A. Butene     B. Octane     C. Ethene     D. Decane

In which of the following series are the atoms arranged in order of increasing ionization energy?

A. Li, Na, K.
B. B, Be, Li.
C. O, F, Ne.
D. Be, Mg, Ca.

What happens at the cathode during electrolysis? The

A. anion is oxidized.
B. anion loses electrons.
C. cation is oxidized.
D. cation is discharged.

Which of the following salts is readily soluble in Water

A. PbCl2     B. Pb(NO3)2     C. PbSO4     D. PbCO3

The separation of petroleum fractions depends on the differences in their

A. melting points.    B. molar masses.    C. solubilities.    D. boiling points.

Which of the following salt is not prepared by precipitation?

A. Lead (II) tnoxocarbonate (IV)
B. Barium trioxocarbonate (IV)
C. Sodium trioxocarbonate (IV)
D. Calcium tnoxocarbonate (IV)

Which of the following organic compounds would decolourize bromine water?

A. Benzene.    B. Cyclobutane.    C. Hexane.    D. Pentane.

Which of the following pollutants is biodegradable?

A. Domestic sewage    B. Metal scraps    C. Radioactive waste    D. Plastic foil

Glucose gives a brick-red precipitate with Fehling’s solution because it is

A. a carbohydrate    B. an alkanoate    C. a reducing sugar    D. a non-electrolyte

The pressure exerted by a gas is a function of the

A. total volume of the gas.
B. speed of the gaseous molecules.
C. mass of each gaseous molecule.
D. frequency of collision between gaseous molecules.

Which of the following pairs of salts undergo hydrolysis?

A. AICl3 and NH4CI
B. AlCl3 and NaCl
C. FeCl3 and KCI
D. Na2SO4 and K2SO4

Which of the following statements about fine chemical is correct? It

A. is injurious to health.
B. has low degree of purity.
C. is produced in relatively small amount.
D. can be stored for a long time.

What is the change in oxidation number of I- in the reaction represented by the following equation? 5I-(aq) + 6H+(aq)+ IO-3(aq) → 3I2(g) + 3H2O(l)

A. -5 to -3     B. -1 to 0     C. +5 to +3     D. -1 to +2

In metallic solid, the force of attraction is between the mobile valence electrons and the

A. atoms.    B. neutrons.    C. negative ions.    D. positively charged nuclei.

Which of the following compounds is a soapless detergent?

A. C12H25OSO3Na
B. C17H35COONa

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