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The structure of the cell membrane is a

A. double layer and a double protein layer.
a. middle bi-layer of protein with a lipid layer on either surface.
C. middle bi-layer of lipid with a protein layer on either surface.
D. protein layer with two inner lipid layers

Association between bacteria and root nodules of legume is called

A. commensalism    B. mutualism.    C. parasitism.    D. predation.    E. saprophytism

The excretory structure in Earthworm is called

A. anus.    B. flame cells,    C. kidney.    D. maiphigian tubule.    E. nephridia.

Study the diagram below:

The mode of nutrition of the plant in the diagram is

A. photosynthetic and chemosynthetic.
B. saprophytic and carnivorous.
C. photosynthetic and carnivorous.
D. chemosynthetic and saprophytic

A farmer who wants to keep seeds for three years before planting and wants to prevent them from sprouting uses

A. auxin.    B. gibberdllins.    C. abscisin.    D. cytokinins

A student used the following steps in testing for a non-reducing sugar:

I. added Benedict’s solution to the sugar solution;
II. added dilute hydrochloric acid to the sugar solution and boiled it;
III. added sodium hydroxide solution to the solution in II and boiled;
IV. added Benedict’s solution to the cooled solution in lll

The colour change to be observed in step IV is

A. blue-black.    B. brick red.    C. purple.    D. violet.

The parts labelled II and III are for

A. excretion.    B. growth.    C. movement.    D. nutrition.    E. reproduction.

The diagram below illustrates a part of the mammalian skeleton.

The pail of the mammalian skeleton illustrated in the diagram is the

A. atlas vertebrae    B. axis vertebrae    C. cervical vertebrae    D. thoracic vertebrae

The enzyme ptyalin acts on carbohydrate food in the

A. oesophagus.    B. large intestine.    C. mouth.    D. small intestine.    E. stomach

Blood pressure is higher in the arteries as a result of

A. stress.
B. contraction and relaxation.
C. blockage in the arteries.
D. presence of valves.

Which of these is NOT a function of the liver?

A. Detoxification of toxic substances
B. Deamination of protein
C. Production of bile
D. Regulation of lipids
E. Transportation of blood

Which of the following organs of the alimentary canal is not correctly matched with its function?

A. Gall bladder → stores bile
B. Liver → stores glycogen
C. Appendix → releases enzymes
D. Teeth → grind food

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of living things?

A. Expansion     B. Feeding    C. Growth    D. Reproduction    E. Respiration

Which of these is excreted by the human skin?

A. Carbondioxide    B. Serum    C. Sweat     D. Uric acid     E. Urine

Which of these is NOT a reflex action?

A. Eye blinking    B. Knee jerking    C. Laughing     D. Sneezing    E. Yawning

The coiled mouthparts of a butterfly is called

A. labrum.    B. palps.    C. proboscis.    D. rostrum.    E. stylet.

The main function of the caudal fin in Tilapia is for

A. balancing.    B. floating.    C. propelling.    D. steering.    E. vibration

Which of the following statements about human blood groups is not true?

A. A is dominant over B
B. O is recessive
C. B is dominant over O
D. A and B are co-dominant

Angiosperms belong to the class

A. bryophyta.    B. pteredophyta.    C. schizophyta.     D. spermotophyta.    E. thallophyta

The part labelled I is called

A. acromion process.    B. collar bone.    C. glenoid cavity.    D. scapula blade.    E. scapula spine.

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