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Study the diagram below:

The mode of nutrition of the plant in the diagram is

A. photosynthetic and chemosynthetic.
B. saprophytic and carnivorous.
C. photosynthetic and carnivorous.
D. chemosynthetic and saprophytic

Angiosperms belong to the class

A. bryophyta.    B. pteredophyta.    C. schizophyta.     D. spermotophyta.    E. thallophyta

Which of the following is NOT an excretory organ of mammals?

A. Kidneys    B. Liver    C. Lungs    D. Pancreas    E. Skin

The part labelled I is called

A. acromion process.    B. collar bone.    C. glenoid cavity.    D. scapula blade.    E. scapula spine.

Which of the following is the end product of digestion of oil?

A. Amino acid    B. Fructose    C. Glucose    D. Glycerol    E. Maltose

Oil applied to the surface of water kill the larvae of mosquitoes through

A. dehydration.    B. poisoning.    C. starvation.    D. suffocation

Which of these is NOT a sampling method for determining population size?

A. Capture and re-capture method
B. Complete census
C. Quadrat method
D. Systematic sampling
E. Transect method

Fertilization in mammals occurs in

A. cervix.    B. oviduct.    C. uterus.     D. vagina.    E. vulva.

Which of the following is called “emergency” hormone in man?

A. Adrenalin    B. Insulin    C. Prolactin     D. Testosterone      E. Thyroxine

Which of the following is a saprophyte?

A. Fern    B. Hydra    C. Mushroom    D. Paramecium    E. Spirogyra

Which of the following hormonal glands is located on top of the kidneys?

A. Adrenal    B. Gonads    C. Pancreas     D. Pituitary    E. Thyroid

Which of the following natural resources is most readily available to all organisms?

A. Oil    B. Water    C. Air    D. Food

A farmer who wants to keep seeds for three years before planting and wants to prevent them from sprouting uses

A. auxin.    B. gibberdllins.    C. abscisin.    D. cytokinins

Which of the following features could be used to determine the growth of a seedling?

A. Number of flowers    B. Number of leaves    C. Length of flowers    D. Length of radicle

Which of the following parts of the eye is sensitive to light?

A. Choroid layer   B. Cornea    C. Optic nerve     D. Pupil    E. Retina

The basic unit of classification is the

A. class.    B. genus.    C. kingdom.    D. phylum.    E. species

The breaking down of food in the alimentary canal is called

A. digestion.    B. egestion,    C. excretion.    D. ingestion.     E. mastication

The following are contributions of genetics EXCEPT in the production of

A. drought resistant varieties of crops.
B. early maturing varieties of crops.
C. disease resistant varieties of crops
D. chromatin materials
E. high yielding varieties of crops.

Which class of fruit does the diagram represent?

A. Achene     B. Berry     C. Cypsela     D. Drupe     E. Nut

A person suffering from obstruction of the bile duct is advised not to cat fats and oil because

A. bile digests fats and oil.
B. fats and oil can only be absorbed when bile is absent.
C. bile emulsifies fats and oil.
D. bile adds water to digesting food

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