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A disease of rabbit caused by a protozoan is

A. infectious bronchitis.    B. coccidiosis.    C. anthrax.    D. milk fever

Some plants are suitable for decorating living rooms because of their

A. ability to endure low light intensity.
B. low respiration rate.
C. ability to retain water.
D. low resistance to diseases

Which of the following factors should be considered when building a rabbit hutch?

I. Safety and comfort of rabbits
II. Ease of maintenance and cleaning.
III. Day length.

A. I and II only.    B. I and III only.    C. II and III only.    D. I, II and III

If the spacing of a crop is 3.6m x 4.5m, determine the crop population per hectare.

A. 769    B. 617.    C. 44.    D. 408

One disadvantage of vegetative propagation is that

A. fruits are small in size.
B. viral diseases are transferred to offspring.
C. plants are true to type.
D. plants take a long time to mature.

Capping and staking are important cultural practices in the cultivation of

A. Sweet potatoes.     B. tomatoes.     C. yams.     D. groundnuts

Which of the following practices leads to land degradation in the savanna zones of West Africa?

I. Constant annual bushfires
II. Overgrazing of grassland
III. Application of cattle manure.
IV. Cutting of woody species for fuel wood

A. I,II and III only.     B. I, II and IV only.     C. II, III and IV only.     D. I, II, III and IV.

Determine the market supply when the price is N4,000.00

A. 77,000 kg     B. 70,000 kg    C. 55,000 kg    D. 35,000 kg

To facilitate mechanical harvesting of cereals, it is better to

A. make all of them disease-resistant.
B. ensure that they are free from pest attack.
C. ensure they all have uniform height.
D. make sure they are early-maturing

The following are signs of ill-health in farm animals except

A. uncoordinated gift.
B. dull eyes.
C. high body temperature.
D. increased appetite

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from

A. limestone.     B. quartzite.     C. shale.     D. schist

A consequence of pasture littered with polythene materials is that

A. animals could slip and fall frequently.
B. the alimentary canal of farm animals could be blocked.
C. the material could poison the animals.
D. it improves the quality of the pasture

Which of the following factors affects the onset of flowering in crops?

A. Atmospheric pressure.    B. Wind.    C. Day length.    D. Rainfall

Plant nutrients are restored during the fallow period through.

A. reduced soil erosion.
B. accumulation of soil organ in matter.
C. reduced evaporation from the soil.
D. accumulation of farmyard manure

Soils can become acidic as a result of the continuous application of

A. single superphosphate.
B. sulphate of ammonia.
C. muriate of potash.
D. NPK 15:15:15

Which of the following statements about colostrum is false? It is _____

A. an evaporated milk.
B. the first milk produced after parturition.
C. high in antibodies.
D. rich in proteins and vitamins

The branch of horticulture that deals with the production of vegetables is called

A. pathology    B. olericulture.    C. floriculture.    D. pomology

Pruning is carried out to

I. control the size of the plants
II. obtain clean and attractive fruits
III. ensure correct spacing of trees

A. I and II only.    B. I and III only.    C. II and III only.    D. I, II, and III

A socio-economic factor which affects the availability of land for agricultural use in West Africa is

A. soil type.    B. population growth     C. rainfall distribution.    D. working capital

Which of the following are advantages of the communal land ownership system?

I. Every member of the community has a piece of land on which to farm.
II. Co-operative farming is possible under this system.
III. Large scale farming is encouraged.
IV. Land can be used as a security for loans

A. I and II only.
B II and III only.
C. I and III only.
D. III and IV only

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