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The SS1 Insurance 3rd Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson 1: Reinsurance – Click Here
Unit 1: Definition of Reinsurance
Unit 2: Description of Reinsurance
Unit 3: Uses of Reinsurance
Unit 4: Facultative Reinsurance
Unit 5: Treaty Reinsurance

Lesson 2: Insurance Renewals – Click Here
Unit 1: Considerations at Renewal
Unit 2: Renewal Notice and Its Legal Status

Lesson 3: Insurance Claims – Click Here
Unit 1: Procedures for Payment of Insurance Claims
Unit 2: Insurance Claims – Duties of the Insured
Unit 3: Insurance Claims – Duties of the Insurance Company
Unit 4: Loss Adjuster
Unit 5: Loss Assessor

Lesson 4: Insurance Premium – Click Here
Unit 1: Understanding Insurance Premiums
Unit 2: The Life Assurance Premium
Unit 3: Components of Life Assurance Premium
Unit 4: Premium for Non-Life Insurance
Unit 5: Total and Partial Return of Premium

Evaluation Tests on SS1 Insurance 3rd Term Lesson – Click Here!

Insurance Textbook for Senior Secondary School in Nigeria – CIIN

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