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The SS1 Salesmanship 2nd Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson 1: Sales Management – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Sales Management
Unit 2: Factors Affecting Sales
Unit 3: Duties of Sales Management
Unit 4: Roles of Sales Forces
Unit 5: Companies Sales Objectives and Sales Force Decision
Unit 6: Companies Sales Force Decision

Lesson 2: Sales Forecasting – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Sales Forecasting
Unit 2: Uses of Sales Forecasting
Unit 3: Types of Forecasting Methods
Unit 4: Importance of Sales Forecasting
Unit 5: Factors Considered for Sales Forecasting
Unit 6: Types of Sales Forecasting
Unit 7: Marketing Survey

Lesson 3: Advertising – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Advertising
Unit 2: Roles of Advertising in Salesmanship

Lesson 4: The Communication Process – Click Here!
Unit 1: Meaning of Communication
Unit 2: Communication Process
Unit 3: Means of Communication
Unit 4: Importance of Communication in Salesmanship
Unit 5: Barriers in Communication

Lesson 5: Branding – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Branding
Unit 2: Branding Identity
Unit 3: Major Branding Decisions
Unit 4: Advantages of Branding
Unit 5: Disadvantages of Branding

Lesson 6: Packaging – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Packaging
Unit 2: Packaging Decisions
Unit 3: Stages in Packaging
Unit 4: Features of A Good Product Packaging
Unit 5: Advantages of Packaging
Unit 6: Disadvantages of Packaging

Lesson 7: Promotion – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Promotion
Unit 2: Types of Promotion
Unit 3: Uses of Promotion to Salesmanship
Unit 4: Advantages of promotion
Unit 5: Disadvantages of Promotion
Unit 6: Sales Incentives

Salesmanship for Senior Secondary Schools – Aborishade C.O, Chinedu I.U.

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