Lesson Five – Job Opportunities And Salesmanship

Entrepreneurship is the skill which involves an individual setting up a business and managing the business.

An entrepreneur is a person who engages in setting up and running a business. An entrepreneur creates a business opportunity, plans how to run it; employs both human and material resources and puts all the mentioned factors into use for proper operation.

Entrepreneurship includes putting qualities into action like having self-confidence, having initiative, perseverance, managerial ability, etc.

Self-reliance is the ability of an individual to do things and make decisions by oneself, without other people’s help. Self-reliance involves someone doing his/her job without expecting a helping hand from anybody.

Self-reliance means independent in terms of jot responsibility, ideas, focus, personal decision, etc. A self-reliant entrepreneur must no depend on anybody or groups.

Job Opportunities In Salesmanship
Salesmanship is a skill which has helped in creating a lot of job in the society. Various people with various academic qualifications have engaged in salesmanship.

Organization and agencies have employed various people as salesmen. Salesmanship has also helped ii creating self-employment in the society. Salesmanship has created various jobs like:

a. Private company jobs
b. Entrepreneurship
c. Government jobs
d. Multi-national company jobs.

a. Private company jobs
Job opportunities have been created for salesmen in private companies. People of various qualifications and degrees have been employed to work as salesmen in the sales department of many private companies.

Private companies employ salesmen who help them in driving their sales and services. These men are paid salaries and commissions based on their sales abilities and their performance.

Private companies employ graduates and train them for sales activities before sending them to the field.

The job opportunities in salesmanship may be on full-time or on-part-time basis. Both male and female can be employed as salesmen in private companies like, banks, insurance companies, estate agents, etc.

b. Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is one of the job opportunities created by salesmanship. Many individuals have engaged in salesmanship and became entrepreneurs. They establish their own business and engage in selling goods and services. Salesmanship has made many individuals to be self-employed. People engage in sales for commissions and charges.

c. Government jobs
Salesmanship has created many job opportunities in the government circle. Government agencies and departments engage the services of individuals who help them in selling their products and services.

These individuals receive payments for their jobs in form of salaries or commissions. Some government agencies are saddled with the responsibility of generating revenue for the government.

These agencies employ the services of salesmen and sales agencies to do so. By this, jobs are created for some people.

d. Multi-national company jobs
Salesmanship has created a-lot of job opportunities in multi-national companies. Most multi-national companies engage in production of goods and services. To this end, they employ the services of salesmen who help them in making their sales and distributing their goods and services.

Multi-national companies, employ people whom they train to be able to carry out sales activities as assigned to them. Multi-national companies pay salaries, bonuses and commissions to their salesmen.

The Relevance Of Salesmanship As A Course Of Study
Salesmanship has been a course of study in Institutions. Salesmanship study has helped a- lot in the creation of jobs and resources. It has many benefits as a course of study. Its relevance includes the following:

a. Jobs are created through salesmanship.
b. Salesmanship study has helped a-lot in boosting a nation’s economy.
c. Salesmanship study has helped in creating wealth.
d. Awareness, creation of goods and services and their supply have been made possible through salesmanship.
e. Acquiring customers by organizations has been made possible through salesmanship.

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