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The SS1 Mathematics 1st Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson One: Number System – Page 2 – Click Here!
Conversion from base ten to other bases
Conversion from other bases to base ten
Conversion of Numbers from one Base to another
Conversion of Decimal Number Base to Base 10
Conversion of fractions to decimal numbers in base 10 to base two
Addition and Subtraction of Number Bases
Multiplication and Division of Number Bases

Lesson Two: Fractions, Decimals and Approximations – Page 3 – Click Here!
Changing Fractions to Decimals
Changing Decimal to Fraction
Order of Magnitude
Algebraic Functions
Decimal Places
Addition and Subtraction of Decimal
Multiplication of Decimal
Division of Decimals
Significant Figures
Nearest Whole Number, Ten, Hundred, Thousand
Addition and Subtraction in Standard Form
Multiplication and Division in Standard Form

Lesson Three: Indices – Page 4 – Click Here!
Definition of Index
Multiplication Law
Division Law
Zero Index
Negative Index
Power Law
Fractional Index
Decimal Powers and Bases
Exponential Equation

Lesson Four: Logarithm 1 (Logarithm of numbers greater than 1) – Page 5 – Click Here!
The Use of Logarithm and Anti Logarithm Tables
Characteristic of a logarithm
Mantissa of a logarithm
Logarithms of numbers greater than 1 (>1)
Anti – Logarithms of Numbers greater than 1 (>1)
Multiplication and Division of Numbers greater than 1 (> 1)
Power and Roots of Numbers greater than 1 (>1)

Lesson Five: Logarithm 2 (Logarithm of numbers less than 1) – Page 6 – Click Here!
Logarithms of numbers less than 1
Multiplication and Division of numbers less than 1
Powers and Roots of numbers less than 1

Lesson Six: Logarithms 3 – Page 7 – Click Here
Theory of Logarithm
Logarithms to its own base: Logaa = 1
Addition Law: logax + logay = logaxy
Subtraction Law: logax – logay = {\color{Blue} log_{a}\frac{x}{y}}
Power Law: logaXn = nlogaX
Power of the base: loga2 X = ½loga X
Logarithm of 1: loga1 = 0
Reciprocal Law: logaM = {\color{Blue} \frac{1}{log{_{M}}^{a}}}

Change of base: {\color{Blue} \mathbf{{log_{a}}^{M} = \frac{log{_{y}}^{M}}{{log_{y}}^{a}}}}
Logarithm Involving Substitution
Logarithms Involving Equations

Evaluation Tests on SS1 Mathematics 1st Term Lesson Notes – Click Here!

Senior College Mathematics – N.K. Uka (Ph.D)
Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools – S.O. Akanbi
Comprehensive Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools

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