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The SS1 Civic Education 1st Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson One: Values – Page 2 – Click Here!
Importance of values to the society

Lesson Two: Citizenship – Page 3 – Click Here!
Meaning of citizenship
Meaning of citizenship education
Goals of citizenship education
Duties and obligations of citizens

Lesson Three: Nationalism – Page 4 – Click Here!
Meaning of nationalism
Ways of promoting national consciousness, integrity and unity in the society
The nationalistic roles of individual and groups
Identification of local and world civic problems
Skills Necessary for the Preservation of Tradition, Customs and Beliefs

Evaluation Tests on SS1 Civic Education 1st Term Lesson Notes – Click Here!

Civic Education for Senior Secondary Schools 1, 2, 3 – O Oyelami; G Magbagbeola; L Adedipe

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