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“…. The earth produces of itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear…”

The statement above was made by Jesus in the parable of the _____

A. Weeds      B. seed growing secretly      C. sower      D. mustard seed.

The promise to those who are persecuted for righteousness sake is that they will _____

A. see God.    B. be called sons of God.    C. inherit the earth.    D. inherit the kingdom of heaven.

According to James, because believers hold the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, they should ______

A. pray for one another
B. not yield to temptation
C. overcome evil with good
D. not show partiality.

David gave Uriah leave to go to his house and wash his feet in order to ________

A. conceal his adultery with Bathsheba.
B. find an excuse to charge him for desertion.
C. give him time for relaxation.
D. compensate him for fighting bravely for Israel.

One quality of a good disciple that was exhibited by the first followers of Jesus was

A diligence. B. resourcefulness. C. faith. D. piousness.

In the story of the transfiguration of Jesus, Moses and Elijah represented the _____

A. glory of God
B. Old Testament saints
C. law and the prophets
D. end of the age.

“‘...and many will rejoice at his birth; for he will be great before the Lord...”

In the statement above, the angel made the pronouncement because of _______

A. Zachariah’s fervent prayers.
B. Joseph’s hesitation to marry Mary.
C. Elizabeth’s disbelief because of her barrenness.
D. Mary’s holy nature.

King Saul asked Jesse to send David to him because he wanted David to _____

A. kill Goliath
B. serve him
C. marry his daughter, Michal
D. become Jonathan’s friend.

According to Romans, justification is by faith through ______

A. works of righteousness
B. redemption in Christ
C. being filled with the Holy Spirit
D. obedience to the law.

According to Jeremiah, the people of Israel were in exile because of their ______

A maltreatment of the poor.
B. unfaithfulness and faithlessness.
C. impatience and immorality.
D. rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar.

According to Thessalonians, the second coming of the Lord will be _____

A. when the elements are dissolved.
B. like a thief in the night.
C. with the blowing of a trumpet.
D. after scoffers have come.

The new covenant between God and the Israelites is centered on _____

A. collective responsibility.   B. individual responsibility.   C. religious doctrines.   D. intensive teaching.

'Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin forgiven."'

The statement above during Isaiah's call illustrates ______

A. that God adequately equips His messengers.
B. God's ability to identify sinful people.
C. that God will only use sinners to glorify Him.
D. God's willingness to physically take away sin.

King Rehoboam refused to take the counsel of the elders because _____

A. it was wrong counsel
B. he was afraid of the outcome of their counsel
C. it was a turn of affairs brought about by the LORD
D. he was stubborn.

The enormity of the sins of Judah before Josiah's reforms was exemplified by their failure to keep the Passover since _____

A. the days of the judges of Isreal.
B. they were brought out of Egypt.
C. the days of Manasseh.
D. the days of all the kings.

Consequent upon the murder of Naboth by Ahab, God declared that ______

A. dogs would lick Ahab's blood where Naboth's blood was licked.
B. Ahab's descendants would never ascend the throne in Israel.
C. the sword would never depart from Ahab's house.
D. He would require the blood of Naboth from Ahab's hands.

One important fact that Mary brought out in Jesus' miracle of changing water to wine is that she _____

A. had a deep insight of her son and His abilities.
B. was a sister of the bridegroom.
C. attended marriage feasts regularly.
D. must intercede for a miracle to occur.

“... Why then have you not kept watch over your lord the king?...”

The question above by David was addressed to ______

A. Abishai.    B. Abner.    C. Amasa.    D. Joab.

According to Paul, the second coming of Christ will take place ______

A. after the reign of the saints.
B. in our life time.
C. suddenly and unexpectedly.
D. when sin shall be no more.

The second creation story ends with the institution of ______

A. the Passover    B. circumcision    C. the Sabbath    D. marriage.

Moses ran away from Egypt after killing an Egyptian because he felt that he might be

A imprisoned by the Egyptian security officers.
B. killed by Pharaoh of Egypt.
C. endangering other Israelites by his actions.
D. killed by the Egyptian mob.

The vision of the dry bones by Ezekiel portrays _____

A. judgement.    B. famine.    C. hope.    D. punishment.

What did Paul advise the Philippians to manifest as a virtue of humility?

A. Counting others as better than themselves.
B. Counting others equal to them.
C. Regarding themselves as superior to others.
D. Taking the lowest seat in a gathering.

God decided not to punish the people of Israel during the reign of Josiah for the sins they committed because _____

A. Josiah humbled himself before the LORD and repented
B. He was merciful to him
C. Josiah walked righteously before the LORD, his God
D. He did not want Josiah to backslide.

Daniel was set up to be thrown to the lions by the ______

A. presidents and satraps of Persia
B. Lords and nobles of Medes
C. counsellors of Nebuchadnezzar
D. advisers of King Xerxes.

According to Peter, the genuineness of Christian faith is tested by ______

A. fire B. suffering C. temptation D. trials.

Saul retied on a medium because God did not answer him through

A. dreams, urim and prophets.
B. lyre, urim and prophets.
C. dreams, visions and prophets.
D. inspiration, tambourines and prophets.

What effect did the death of Ananias and Sapphira have on the Early Church?

A. Apostle Peter was highly respected.
B. Many more disciples were won to God.
C. Great fear gripped all that were there.
D. The disciples became more united.

According to James, when we meet various trials in life, we should _____

A. count it all joy.
B. rejoice because the Lord is good.
C. bless God’s name.
D. call upon the name of the Lord.

‘They have no wine”.

Jesus’ immediate response to the statement above was _____

A. “… draw some out, and take it to the steward of the feast”
B. “…O woman, what have you do to with me?
C. “… Do whatever he tells you”
D. “ … fill the jars with water.

The declaration by God that He would make a nation of the son of the slave woman
meant that He _____

A. did not like the way Ishmael was sent out by Abraham
B. was responsible for sending Ishmael out of Abraham’s house
C. was not partial towards Isaac and Ishmael
D. recognized Ishmael as Abraham’s descendant.

“It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life, for I am no better than my fathers.”

The prayer above was said by Elijah when he

A. ran out of food.
B. was threatened by Jezebel.
C. learnt that Ahab was looking for him.
D. has no water to drink at the Brook Cherith.

The angel told Zachariah that John the Baptist would drink no wine nor strong drink because he would _____

A. only eat locusts and wild honey
B. be the forerunner of Jesus
C. baptize sinners who would come too Him
D. be filled with the Holy Spirit.

In the explanation of the parable of the weeds, Jesus said that the righteous will _____

A. enter into glory with the son of man
B. live forever in the kingdom of God
C. shine like the sum in theirs is the kingdom Father
D. be set aside from all causes of sin.

When Jesus was sent to Herod for trial, he was very glad to see Him because he ______

A. wanted Jesus to preach to him.
B. knew Jesus would bless him.
C. had wanted to punish Jesus for calling him a fox.
D. had long desired to see Jesus.

According to Peter, the fact that judgement would begin with the household of God means that

A. Christians should court persecution to win glory.
B. the persecution of Christians would be less severe.
C. all must face God's judgement at the last day.
D. avoidance of persecution would lead nowhere.

Paul teaches that believers have been buried and raised with Christ so that they
Might _____

A. grow in the knowledge of Christ
B. walk in liberty
C. adhere to the law
D. walk in newness of life.

“Hear this word, you cows of Bashan …who oppress the poor, who crush the needy …”

Cows of Bashan in the statement above refers to the ____

A. women of Samaria B. wicked kings C. false prophets D. judges in Israel

Paul warned the Thessalonians against the deceit of false teachers concerning ____

A. activities of the man of sin
B. the second coming of Christ
C. their salvation in Christ
D. the resurrection of the dead.

What acts of righteousness did Isaiah admonish his people to demonstrate?

A. Helping the poor and offering sacrifices.
B. Learning to do good and seeking justice.
C. Defending the orphans and respecting the widows.
D. Avoiding evil and praying for others.

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