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Which of these characters is not at the forefront of modern education?

a. Macmillan   b. Rousseau   c. Montessori   d. Evans

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria TRCN Act was signed to empower them regulate teaching profession in Nigeria in the year ______

a 1977    b.1979    c. 1993     d. 2000

Which of these is not a solution to Nigeria education problem?

a. Education reform to suit Nigeria need
b. strengthening education agencies and institutions
c. Good governance
d. Promoting Federal Character in education

Currently qualified teachers are classified as following except ______

a. Category A teachers (Ph.D Education or plus education certificate)
b. Category B teachers (MEd or M.sc/M.A plus education certificate)
c. Category C teachers (B.ED or B.sc/B.A plus education certificate)
d. Category E (unqualified and unregistrable quack teachers without education qualification)

Great Britain and indirectly Nigeria adopted the Ratio Studiorium in the year?

a. 1862   b. 1840   c. 1900   d. 1870

The Jesuit schools introduced the following practices in classroom today except ______

a. Punish the learners for correction
b. Spending the last part of the period revising the lesson
c. Beginning every lesson with a revision of previous one
d. Ending the lesson with a repetition of what was taught

Regional control of education in Nigeria began in the year _____

a. 1908   b. 1900   c. 1940   d. 1991

The major difference between the western education and traditional education was

a. One was formal, the other informal
b. One satisfied societal, needs, the other did not
c. One satisfied practical economic needs of society, the other did not
d. All of the above

The first attempt to establish a teachers training institute in Nigeria was in what year and which training institute?

a. 1990 (at St. Andrew College Oyo)
b. 1914 (at St. Andrew College Oyo)
c. 1923 (at St Andrew College Oyo)
d. 1896 (at St. Andrew College Oyo)

Which of following is the first university in Nigeria?

a. University of Nigeria Nsukka
b. University of Ibadan
c. University of Lagos
d. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

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