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Leadership refers to?

a. Autocracy    b. Authority    c. influencing others to achieve goals   d. Educational process

Components of educational management can be summarized as:

a. Curriculum studies    b. resources    c. Formation of educational policies   d. Utilization of natural and human policies

Which of the following does not promote school public relations?

a. School unions and organizations
b. Inter-school sports competition
c. Inter-school debating competition
d. inter-school literacy and quiz competition

Which of the following human institutions is foremost in reproducing itself?

a. Education    b. Family    c. Politics    d. Economy

An organization can be defined as a social group whereby?

a. Members work for their own interests
b. Members come together to share positions
c. Members come together to satisfy their needs
d. Members come together to contribute and achieve their common objectives

Elements of management include the following EXCEPT ____

a. Organizing   b. Administration   c. Planning   d. commanding and controlling

Bureaucracy enhances the following except

a. Monopoly    b. Specialization    c. Economic stability    d. Welfarism

“Management is a word from manage” means to ______

a. manipulate   b. organize    c. Mastery    d. Inject new blood

According to the National Policy on Education (NPF) the nature and purpose of education is?

a. A tool for excellence
b. A tool par excellence
c. A tool for development
d. tool for learning

Qualities of a good supervisor exclude which of the following?

a. Tolerance   b. Curiosity    c. Sound education    d. Friendly and cheerful

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