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Curriculum scholars agree that a child continues to run the curriculum race until he/she  _____

a. Learns    b. graduates     c. Becomes an adult    d. Dies

The Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives which a good curriculum must cover is which following

a. History content and objectives
b. Cognitive, affective and psychomotor
c. Aims, objectives, philosophy
d. Scope and duration of curriculum content

Which of the following is not a school programme that can be found in a curriculum

a. Programme of studies   b. Programme of activities   c. Programme of break   d. Programme of guidance
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Which of the following constitutes a difficulty in universal definition of curriculum

a. Changing nature of knowledge
b. Changing conception of learners
c. Changing learning processes
d. All of above

Curriculum is important to the teacher because it enables the teacher

a. Execute several activities to be completed for learners
b. acquisition of knowledge, skills and values
c. Enables the teacher learn about the child
d. Helps the teacher learn about societal expectations

Which of these best defines the curriculum?

a. A totality of school programme of learning
b. A learning race from birth to death
c. Content of learning experience
d. Academic programme of learning

Any comprehensive definition of curriculum must cover the following school programmes except?

a. Programme of learning
b. Programme of guidance
c. Programme of examination
d. Programme of activities

In defining curriculum, scholars agree with the following except

a. The role of school in achieving educational goals of society
b. The idea of what should constitute knowledge of any Society and the learners
c. Activities and programmes of school as platforms for curriculum implementation
d. Societal needs as basis for curriculum

“Curriculum”, a Latin word defined as a race, when does this race begin?

a. At Birth   b. At Conception    c. At School    d. From Family

Blooms taxonomy of educational objectives are the following except

a. Affective domain    b. Cognitive domain    c. Psychomotor domain   d. Effective domain

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