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Child’s entry behavior excludes the following EXCEPT ___

a. home background
b. knowledge of previous lesson
c. native intelligence
d. recalcitrant behavior

Which of the earliest thinkers observed that ‘The child learns by activity and imitation e.g training, collecting and observing?”

a. Cornelius    b. Pestalozzi     c. Rouseau    d. Bacon

Which of the following was credited with the ‘introduction of kindergarten, play or nursery schools?’

a. Pestalozzi    b. Froebel     c. Dewery     d. Bacon

Which of the following psychologist/earliest thinker was credited with his contribution that “children should be treated as children rather than young adults?”

a. Rousseau   b. Pestalozzi    c. Bacon    d. Galileo

The interests in children and observation approach to education brought about the child study movement in the year...

a. 1900     b. 1806    c. 1883    d. 1960

The following pressed the need that it was the duty of government to impose school on children and to take responsibility for making the children physically and psychologically fit to learn.

a. Aristotle    b. Macmillan    c. Dewey    d. Pestallozi

Teaching methods that could be used in early childhood evaluation excludes which of the following

a. Games     b. Singing    c. Footballing    d. Dancing

Early theories of learning present the child as _____

a. filled with knowledge    b. Blank slate    c. empty    d. unlearnable

Which of the following earliest thinkers Produced “orbis sensualism pictus’ and advocated that “teaching should use children’s senses rather than memorization?”

a. Galileo    b. Bacon    c. Cornelius    d. Pestalozzi

Which of the following is not necessary in child friendly school?

a. The teacher    b. The lecture    c. Guardian    d. Community

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