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Realia is an instructional material requiring the use of _____

a. dramatization   b. artificial objects    c. real objects    d. simple objects

Basically communication is a ……………. affair

a. Personal   b. Selfish    c. Social    d. Literary

Communication is a tool to enhance _____

a. knowledge    b. understanding    c. power    d. listening

The design and production of an effective educational media should not necessarily involve the following persons:

a. Teacher    b. Parent    c. Learner     d. librarian

CAPTACH refers to....

a. Unique identification code    b. Children game   c. A new cap style   d. Ancient cap style

According to Edgar, Dale’s cone of experience the lowest and highest levels are:

a. Indirect experience and visual symbols
b. contrived experience and demonstration
c. direct real experience and verbal symbols
d. Verbal symbols and visual symbols

The following comprise of attributes of good information except:

a. Completeness    b. Accuracy    c. Relevance  d. Confidentiality

Effective instructional communication should be _____

a. formal      b. Informal    c. Reflective    d. Systemic

Approaches of solving instructional problems through educational technology exclude the following

a. Software approach   b. System approach    c. Hardware approach   d. Dynamic approach

Factors to consider in selecting instructional materials include the following except

a. objective of lesson   b. availability    c. relevance to lesson    d. parents

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