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Professionalism focuses on the following except

a. Knowledge    b. Skills    c. Competencies    d. Subject

A profession must have these characteristics except…….

a. Knowledge and training acquired over a long period of time.
b. Controlled entry to the profession
c. Independence and freedom to practice
d. Subject knowledge without compulsory methodology skills

Professionally, teaching can be defined as ______

a. The promotion of learning
b. Helping others to learn
c. Transmission of knowledge by a trained expert who knows ways of imparting knowledge effectively
d. The act of finding someone to behave in a certain manner

In the early days of teaching in Nigeria, teaching was ______

a. Restricted for those trained
b. Open for anybody who can teach
c. Hijacked by technical training
d. For only pastors

Which of the following negates teaching professionalisation in Nigeria

a. Creation of TRCN
b. Existence of professional bodies
c. Existence of quacks in schools
d. Existence of teachers code of conduct and professional standards

The major task of any educational system ____

a. Ensure that learners get to school at right time
b. Equipping learners with knowledge and skills for economic, political
and social survival
c. ensure people graduate from school
d. Equipping learners with cognitive knowledge

Teaching is a system of interaction involving the following except

a. The teacher     b. The society    c. The learner    d. The Material

The following does not define professionalism  

a. Occupation which can claim exclusive, technical competence with its own laws and ethics
b. a calling where one acquires special knowledge used in serving the public in some way.
c. A job people do to earn a living
d. An occupation with quality control measure

The following types of teachers existed in Nigeria in the early days of teaching except

a. Auxiliary teachers    b. Professional teachers   c. European masters   d. Student teachers

Qualities of a good professional include the following except

a. law abiding
b. competence
c. willing to serve
d. abetting non professionals to practice

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