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Counseling Ethics permits a counselor to warn a third party if clients action will ______

(a) will result in long legal tussle
(6) poses threat or serious harm
(c) poses threat of abandonment
(d) all of the above

The main stages involved in planning and organizing school guidance and counselling programmes excludes which of the following

(a) Preplanning
(b) planning
(c) implementation
(d) innovation

Counseling Association of Nigeria began in the year ____

(a) 1960    (b) 1976    (c) 1992    (d) 1975

Guidance and counseling began in U.S.A in the year _____

(a) 1908    (b) 1900    (c) 1920    (d) 1946

The following relationship between guidance and counseling is not correct

(a) guidance include all the schools aspect, while counseling is an aspect of
(b) guidance services is for all, counseling is for only those with need
(C) guidance services appeal to cognitive domain, while counseling appeal to affective domain
(d) guidance is for specially trained experts, while counseling is for all teachers

Counseling theories is not one of the following

(a) client centered    (b) psychoanalytic    (c) behavioural    (d) withdrawal Therapy

Components of guidance and counseling excludes which of the following

(a) personal and social guidance
(b) psychological
(c) physical education 
(d) vocational

Which of the following is not true in school management of Guidance and counseling?

(a) it is for everyone
(b) It is for only those with needs
(c) all teachers are responsible for guidance and counseling
(d) it is a continuous process

Approaches to counseling services can be any of these except

(a) ecletic     (b) direct approach    (c) indirect approach    (d) cultural approach

The psychoanalytic theory is associated with which of the following

(a) Carl Rogers   (b) Sigmund Freud   (c) John Krumboltz   (d) Abraham Maslow

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