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Which of the following does psychology not study?

a. people’s reaction   b. people’s motive  c. people’s perception  d. None of the above

Growth in psychology involves _____

a. Increase in function
b. Increase In size
c. geographic expansion
d. increase in complexity

Which of these is true?

a. Development and growth are the same
b. Growth could take place without development.
c. Development cannot take place without growth
d. Growth cannot take place without development

Educational psychology is a branch of _______

a. Developmental psychology
b. Cognitive psychology
c. Applied psychology
d. Comparative psychology

Which of the following has a maximum ceiling?

a. Growth   b. development   c. Both growth and development    d. None of the above

Which of the following educational processes is psychology not interested in ____

a. Developmental characteristics of learners
b. learning processes
c. Learning evaluation and performance
d. learning content

Which of the following does not capture the importance of psychology to the teacher?

a. It helps the teacher to effectively use knowledge of motivation
b. it helps the teacher to know learners collectively and individually
c. It helps the teacher to construct appropriate tests
d. it helps the teacher to know learners background and socio-economic factors

Which of the following best defines educational psychology?

a. The application of psychology principles to the problems confronting the
teacher in an education situation
b. The application of education principles in psychology
c. The application of psychology and educational techniques to aid the
teacher in classroom
d. The application of principles of learning in education

Development occurs when there is increase in ______

a. Function    b. Size     c. Weight    d. Growth

Educational psychology is majorly concerned with the following except.

a. What to teach    b. How to learn    c. How to teach    d. How to write

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