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Which of the following captures the goals of any educational system

a. for acquisition of skill, morals and knowledge
b. for acquisition of national consciousness, reading and writing
c. for the acquisition of technological, development and right values
d. for acquisition of knowledge, peace and unity

Nigerian educational aims and objectives can be found in

a. The constitution
b. SUBEB mandates
c. NUC mandates
d. National policy on education

The following is not a relevance of Philosophy of education

a. It attempts to establish the origin, meaning and nature of education
b. It seeks to establish the ends which education serves in society
c. It attempts to clarify basic concepts, principle and methods of education
d. It shows teachers and learner how to philosophise

Philosophy is concerned with the following aspects of education except _______

a. Learning     b. Indoctrination     c. curriculum    d. Reward and punishment

Empiricists hold that ______

a. Feeling is the source of knowledge
b. Experience is the only source of knowledge
c. Knowledge is not possible
d. Reason is responsible for knowledge

The branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge is called ______

a. Epistemology
b. Philosophy of education
c. Axiology
d. General philosophy

Which of the following does not correspond to an answer earlier
philosophers gave to the original stuff?

a. water—Thales
b. air—Anaximenes
c. number— Pythagoras
d. water — Aqua

The three types of syllogism is not one of the following

a. categorical    b. Alternative    c. hypothetical   d. practical

Which of the following can be defined as the guiding principle regulating human conduct and values in all walks of life?

a. Religion    b. Sociology     c. Philosophy    d. Law

Philosophical modes exclude the following except ______

a. Prescriptive    b. Analytic     c. Speculative    d. Logical

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