Physics Practice Tests – Work, Energy and Power (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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An object of mass 20 kg is released from a height of 10 m above the ground level. The kinetic energy of the object just before it hits the ground is ____ [g = 10 ms-2] (JAMB 2014)

A. 200 J   B. 4000 J   C. 2000 J   D. 500 J


The S.I. unit of power is _____ (WASSCE 2014)

A. N     B. Pa     C. W     D. J


A body is pulled through a distance of 500 m by a force of 20 N. If the power developed is 0.4 kW, calculate the time for which the force acts. (WASSCE 2012)

A. 250.0 s     B. 25.0 s      C. 2.5 s      D. 0.5 s


Find the potential energy of an object of mass 10 kg placed on a building floor 10 m above the ground level. [g = 10 ms-2] (JAMB 2017) 

A. 10,000 J   B. 5,000 J   C. 100 J   D. 1,000 J


A man weighing 200 N runs up a staircase in 5 s. If the height of the staircase ¡s 9 m, calculate the power of the man. (WASSCE 2021)

A. 1000 W    B. 360 W    C.40 W    D. 1800 W



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