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A man stands on a spring scale placed in a lift. The lift descends at constant velocity. As a result, the scale reads a weight _______ (JAMB 1982) 

A. greater than the weight of the man
B. the same as the weight of the man
C. of zero
D. less than the weight of the man

A ball of mass 0.15 kg is kicked against a rigid vertical wall with a horizontal velocity of 50 ms-1. If it rebounced with a horizontal velocity of 30 ms-1, calculate the impulse of the ball on the wall. (JAMB 1998)

A. 3.0 Ns     B. 4.5 Ns      C. 7.5 Ns     D . 12.0 Ns

A rocket burns 0.01 kg of fuel each second and ejects it as a gas with a velocity of 5,000m/s. What force does the gas exert on the rocket? (JAMB 1983)

A. 500,000 N      B. 500 N      C. 50 N      D. 5,000 N

A lorry of mass 1350 kg accelerates uniformly from 9 km/h to reach a velocity of 45 km/h in 18 s. Determine the uniform force needed to accelerate the lorry.

A. 45 N      B. 150 N      C. 300 N      D. 750 N

A body of mass 2kg moving vertically upwards has its velocity increased uniformly from 10 ms-1 to 40 ms-1 in 4s. Neglecting air resistance, calculate the upward vertical force acting on the body. [g = 10 ms-2] (JAMB 1997) 

A. 15 N       B. 20 N      C. 35 N       D. 45 N

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