Physics Practice Tests – Moment of a Force (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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From the diagram above, determine the moment of the 200 N force at O about K.
[cos 45o =  , Sin 45o = ] (NECO 2023)

A. Nm      B. Nm      C. Nm      D. Nm

Weights of 0.2 N and 0.5 N are placed at the 30 cm and 80 cm marks respectively on a uniform metre rule. If the meter rule balances horizontally on a knife edge at the 60 cm mark, the weight of the metre rule is ____

A. 0.1 N
B. 0.3 N
C. 0.4 N
D. 0.7 N

A uniform metre rod of weight 40 N has a piece of metal of weight 20 N attached to one of its ends. The centre of gravity of the system from the weighted end is _______

A. 8.4 cm
B. 16.7 cm
C. 25.0 cm
D. 33.3 cm

A rod PR is balanced on a pivot at the end R while a string is used to support the rod at P as shown in the diagram above. The weight of the rod, 9 N, acts at a point Q where QR is 30 cm and PQ is 15 cm. The tension T in the string is _____

A. 3 N
B. 6 N
C. 9 N
D. 12 N

A uniform beam of length 4 m and mass 20 kg is supported at both ends. A girl of mass 40 kg stands on the beam at a distance of 1.5 m from one of the supports. The reactions at the supports are _______

A. 150 N, 250 N
B. 200 N, 200 N
C. 250 N, 350 N
D. 300 N, 300 N



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