Physics Practice Tests – Friction (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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A parachute attains a terminal velocity when _____ (JAMB 1998)

A. its density is equal to the density of air
B. the viscous force of the air and the upthrust completely counteract its weight
C. it expands as a result of reduced external pressure
D. the viscous force of the air is equal to the sum of the weight and upthrust.


The diagram above shows a wooden block just about to slide down an inclined plane whose inclination to the horizontal is . The coefficient of frictional force between the block and the plane is ____ (JAMB 2012)

A. sin α   B. tan α   C. cot α    D. cos α


The terminal velocity of a ball-bearing falling through a viscous fluid is reached when the _____ (JAMB 2009)

A. upthrust is equal to the weight of the ball
B. ball accelerates uniformly
C. upthrust is equal to the velocity of the ball
D. velocity is uniform


If an object just begins to slide a surface inclined at 30° to the horizontal, the coefficient of friction is _____ (JAMB 2003)

A.      B.      C.       D .


A book of mass 150 g is pushed against a vertical wall with a horizontal force of F, N. If the coefficient of friction between the book and the wall is 0.15, the minimum value of F required to hold the book in place is _____

A. 10 N
B. 100 N
C. 1000 N
D. 1500 N



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