Physics Practice Test – Waves (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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A wave that travels through stretched strings is known as ______ (JAMB 2013)

A. mechanical wave
B. seismic wave
C. electromagnetic wave
D. micro wave


The wave phenomenon demonstrated in the diagram above is _____ (JAMB 2009)

A. reflection   B. deflection   C. diffraction   D. refraction


The distance between two successive crests of a wave is 15 cm and the velocity is 300 ms-1. Calculate the frequency. (JAMB 2014)

A. 2.0 x 102 Hz    B. 4.5 x 103 Hz    C. 2.0 x 103 Hz    D. 4.5 x 102 Hz


Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength? (JAMB 2016)

A. Visible light
B. Ultraviolet rays
C Infrared rays
D. Gamma rays


The wavelength of a wave travelling with a velocity of 420 ms-1 is 12 m. What is its period? (JAMB 2010)

A. 0.5 s   B. 0.1 s   C. 1.2 s   D. 1.0 s



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