Physics Practice Test – Scalars and Vectors (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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Two forces of magnitudes 8 N and 5 N acts at an angle of 60° to each other. The magnitude of their resultant is _____ (WASSCE 2014)

A. 4.8 N.      B. 10.2 N.      C. 11.4 N.      D. 12.6 N.


Which of the following sets of quantities has its middle one expressed by both its magnitude and direction? (NECO 2016)

A. Displacement, distance, speed
B. Density, volume, force
C. Displacement, mass, force
D. Work, force, time


I. Electrical potential
II. Torque
III. Kinetic energy
IV. Momentum

Which of the quantities listed above are vectors? (JAMB 2014)

A. II and IV     B. I and II     C. I and III     D. II and III


A force of 50 N is inclined at 30o to the horizontal. Calculate its vertical and horizontal components, respectively. (NECO 2016)

A. 19.3 N and 23.0 N
B. 23.0 N and 19.3 N
C. 43.3 N and 25.0 N
D. 25.0 N and 43.3 N


Which of the following quantities is neither a derived nor a vector quantity? (NECO 2013)

A. Acceleration     B. Current     C. Density     D. Length



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