Physics Practice Test – Refraction of Light at Plane and Curved Surfaces (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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An erect image four times as big as the object is fanned by a lens of focal length 15.0 cm. What is the image distance from the lens? (JAMB 2020)

A. 45 cm    B. 30 cm    C. 11.3 cm    D. 18.8 cm


When a man stands in water, his legs appear shorter, which principle causes this? (JAMB 2022)

A. Reflection    B. Polarisation    C. Refraction    D. Diffraction


An ant is found under a regular glass slab of thickness 10.0cm and refractive index 1.7. Calculate the apparent displacement of the ant if viewed vertically from above the slab. (JAMB 2019)

A. 4.1 cm     B. 3.8 cm    C. 5.9 cm    D. 6.9 cm


Which of the following remains unchanged when light travels from one medium to another? (JAMB 2022)

A. Frequency   B. Velocity   C. Wavelength    D. None


The optical phenomenon responsible for rainbow is ________ (JAMB 2018)

A. refraction   B. diffusion   C. reflection   D. dispersion



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