Physics Practice Tests – Reflection of Light Waves

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Which of the following statements about the image formed by a plane mirror is not correct?

A. It is laterally inverted
B. It has unit magnification
C. It is formed by actual intersection of rays
D. Its distance from the mirror is equal to that of the object from the mirror

The image of an object formed by a convex mirror is ______

A. real, erect and enlarged
B. real, inverted and enlarged
C. virtual, erect and diminished
D. virtual, erect and enlarged

A converging lens produces an image four times as large as an object placed 25cm from the lens. Calculate its focal length.

A. 100 cm    B. 33 cm    C. 29 cm    D. 20 cm

At which position should an object be placed in front of a concave mirror in order to obtain an image which is of the same size as the object?

A. At the centre of curvature.
B. At the principal focus.
C. Between the pole and principal focus.
D. Between the centre of curvature and principal focus.

Which of the following distances is usually adjustable in the camera? The distance between the _______

A. lens and the film
B. diaphragm and the shutter
C. shutter and the film
D. diaphragm and the film.


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