Physics Practice Test – Pressure (Solid, Liquid and Gas) Questions with Answers and Explanations

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A hydraulic press has a large circular piston of radius 0.8 m and a circular plunger of radius 0.2 m. A force of 500 N is exerted by the plunger. Find the force exerted on the piston. (JAMB 1995)

A 8000 N  B. 4000 N    C. 2000 N    D. 31 N

A hose of cross-sectional area 0.5 m2 is used to discharge water from a water tanker at a velocity of 60 ms-1 in 20 s into a container. If the container is filled completely, the volume of the container is _____ (JAMB 2003)

A. 240 m3   B. 600 m3   C. 2400 m3   D. 6000 m3

Which of these statements are correct for the pressure in liquids? (JAMB 1998)

I. Pressure in a liquid at a point acts equally in all directions
II. Pressure increases with depth
III. Pressure at a depth depends on the shape of the container
IV. Pressures at the same depth in different liquids are proportional to the densities of the liquids.

A. I, II and III only
B. I, II and IV only
C. I, III and IV only
D. II, III and IV only

I. Increase the melting point of the liquid
II. Increase the boiling point of the liquid
III. Decrease the boiling point of the liquid
IV. Decrease the boiling point of the liquid.

Which of the statement above about the effects of increase in pressure in a liquid are correct? (JAMB 2007)

A. II and III only
B. I and II only
C. III and IV
D. I and III only

The stylus of a phonograph record exert a force of 7.7 x 10-2 N on a groove of radius IO-’m. Compute the pressure exerted by the stylus on the grooves. (JAMB 2003)

A. 2.45 x 108 Nm-2
B. 3.45 x 108 Nm-2
C. 4.90 x 108 Nm-2
D. 2.42 x 109 Nm-2



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