Physics Practice Test – Kinetic Theory of Matter and the Gas Laws (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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A fixed quantity of gas is subjected to various pressures P and the corresponding volume measured at a constant temperature. Which of the following graphs best represent the result? (JAMB 1987)

A. I,


If the normal atmospheric pressure in a laboratory supports a column of mercury 0.76m high and the relative density of mercury is 13.8, then the height of water column which atmospheric pressure will support in the same laboratory at the same time is ________ (JAMB 1983) 

A. 0 m
B. 10 m
C. 13 m
D. 14 m


A gas at pressure P Nm-2 and temperature 27oC is heated to 77°C at constant volume. The new pressure is ______ (JAMB 1978) 

A. 0.85 P Nm-2
B. 0.86 P Nm-2
C. 1.16 P Nm-2
D. 1.18 P Nm-2


The water manometer in the figure above is measuring the pressure of the gas supply. If the specific gravity of mercury is 13.6 and the atmospheric pressure is 70 cm of mercury, what is the total pressure of the gas supply in cm of water? (JAMB 1982) 

A. 67 cm
B. 73 cm
C. 494 cm
D. 952 cm


The product PV where P is pressure and V is volume has the same unit as _______ (JAMB 1988)

A. force
B. power
C. energy
D. acceleration



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