Physics Practice Test – Heat Energy and Measurement of Temperature (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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ln a thermos flask, heat loss by radiation is minimized by the ____

A. silvered surfaces.     B. vacuum within the double walls.     C. plastic stopper.     D. cork support.

It takes a shorter time for a liquid to boil at the top of a mountain than at the base because at the top, the ______

A. temperature is higher      B. pressure is lower     C. humidity is higher       D. temperature a constant.

A metal rod of length 50 cm is heated from 40oC to 50oC. If the linear expansivity of the material is ∝, calculate the increase in length of the rod (in metres) in terms of ∝.

A. 20 ∝     B. 200 ∝     C. 2000 ∝     D. 20000 ∝.

A faulty thermometer registers 102.5oC at 100oC. If the thermometer has no zero error, what will it register at 55.0oC ?

A. 54.6oC    B. 55.0 oC    C. 56.0 oC  D. 56.4 oC.

A faulty barometer reads 72.6cm Hg when the atmospheric pressure is 75.0cm Hg. Calculate the atmospheric pressure when this barometer reads 72.0cm Hg

A. 79.4cm Hg      B. 74.4 cm Hg      C. 74.2 cm Hg      D.69.4 cm Hg



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