Physics Practice Test – Fundamentals of Motion (Speed, Velocity and Acceleration)

Hello and Welcome to Physics Practice Test - Fundamentals of Motion (Linear Motion)

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A body accelerates uniformly from rest at 3 ms-2 for 8s. Determine the distance travelled by the body during the acceleration.

A. 12m.      B. 24m.      C. 48m.      D. 96m

A body moving at a constant speed accelerates when it is in _______ (WASSCE 2007)

A. rectilinear motion      B. translational motion      C. circular motion      D vibrational motion

A body starts from rest and moves in a straight path with uniform acceleration of 8 ms-2 for 5 s. It then decelerates uniformly to rest in the next 10 s. Calculate the magnitude of its deceleration.

A. 40 ms-2 B. l6 ms-2 C. 8 ms-2 D. 4 ms-2

A car accelerates uniformly from rest at 5 ms-2. Determine its speed after 10s. (WASSCE 2006)

A. 50.0 ms-1      B. 25.0 ms-1      C. 2.0 ms-1      D. 0.5 ms-1

The motion of the Earth on its axis causing day and night is ______ motion.

A. random      B. translational      C. oscillatory      D. rotational


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