Physics Practice Test – Equilibrium of Forces

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A body of mass 5 kg ¡s placed on a smooth plane inclined at an angle 30o to the horizontal. Find the magnitude of the force required to keep the body in equilibrium. [Take g = 10 ms-1] (WASSCE FM 2006)

A. 0 N
B. 10 N
C. 25 N
D. 30 N

A particle P is maintained in equilibrium under the action of two forces 20 N along X, 20 N along Y and a third force F (not shown in the diagram). The force F is _____

A. 0 N
B. 40 N at 45o to X
C. 20 N at 45o to X
D. 20 N at 225o to X

A particle P of weight W is in equilibrium under the system of forces shown in the diagram. The values of W and  are ______

A. 5 N and 60o
B. 5 N and 30o
C. 5 N and 60o
D. 15 N and 30o

Two forces, each of magnitude 16 N, are inclined each other at an angle of 60°. Calculate the magnitude of their resultant. (WASSCE FM 2006)

A. 16
B. 16
C. 18
D. 18

If the system of forces shown in the diagram above is in equilibrium, the tension T2 is equal to _______ [g = 10ms-2]

A. N     B. N     C. N     D.  N



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