Physics Practice Test – Density, Relative Density, Upthrust (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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The density and weight of a body are 5000 kgm-3 and 1.0 N respectively. What is the apparent weight of the body when fully immersed in water? (JAMB 2020)

A. 1.0 N   B. 0.2 N   C. 0.8 N   D. 0.08 N

A body which weighs 50 N in air displaces 3.7 kg of water when partially immersed in water. Calculate the upthrust on the body. (JAMB 2015)

A. 37.0 N   B. 87.0 N   C. 13.0 N   D. 8.7 N

The density of water is 1 gcm-3. Calculate the change in volume when 90 g of ice is completely melted. (JAMB 2020)

A. 0 cm3   B. 9 cm3   C. 10 cm3   D. 90 cm3

An object of volume 1 m3 and mass 2 kg is totally immersed in a liquid of density 1 kgm-3. Calculate its apparent weight. [g = 10ms-2] (JAMB 2012)

A 20 N   B. 10 N   C. 2 N    D. 1 N

An object weighs 22 kg in water and 30 kg in air. What is the upthrust excited by the liquid on the object? [g = 10ms-2] (JAMB 2011)

A. 50 N   B. 520 N   C. 220 N   D. 80 N



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