Physics Practice Test – Current Electricity and Electric Charges

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An electric lamp rated 120 W is used on a 240 Vrms, calculate the resistance of its filament.

A. 480 Ω     B. 360 Ω     C. 60 Ω     D. 2 Ω


The ability of a material to store an electric charge when its plates are at different potentials is referred to as its ______

A. conductance    B. inductance    C. capacitance    D. resistance


A cell of e.m.f. 1.5 V and internal resistance 1.0 Ω is connected to two resistors of resistances 2.0 Ω  and 3.0 Ω in series. Calculate the current through the resistors.

A. 0.25 A     B. 0.30 A     C. 0.35 A     D. 0.50 A


A wire of resistivity 4.40 x 10-5 Ω cm has a cross sectional area of 7.50 x 10-4  cm-2. Calculate the length of this wire that will be required to make a 4.0 Ω resistor.

A. 82.50 cm   B. 68.18 cm    C. 15.90 cm    D. 11.94 cm


Five 80-W and three 100-W lamps are run for 8 hours. If the cost of energy is N 5.00 per unit, calculate the cost of running the lamps. [1 unit = 1 kWh]

A. N 280.00     B. N 28.00     C. N 7.20     D. N 1.44.


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