The new release of NIMC Mobile App, NIMC has said the App is easy to navigate, has some good features and the app can only be used by those who already have their National Identification Number (NIN).

Nigerian Identification Management Commission, NIMC says everybody is permitted by Nigeria communications Commission(NCC) to link up to 7 devices with Nigerian registered mobile numbers to your NIN (Mobile phones for now).

How To Download & Use The NIMC Mobile App

1. Visit the Google Play store to download for Android phone or through Apple App
store for iPhone users.
2. After installing the app, Open the App on your phone.
3. At bottom left, click on Skip.
4. Then Put in your 11- digit NIN number in the box and press Next.

5. A windows will pop up showing the phone number you used in registration of your NIN.
6. Click on I am still using this Mobile Number (only if you still have access to the mobile number) or click on I am no longer using this Mobile number (only if you still have access to the mobile number).

7. After choosing among the two options above and press Next.
8. If you are still using this Mobile Number, Please enter the User ID and OIP sent to
you through SMS and then press Proceed.

Note: if you no longer using the Mobile number again, you need to visit any NIMC office
to update your mobile number before you can continue with the process.


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