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There are three sentences in the question below. Read them carefully and choose which one should come first, second and then third.

1. He collected some money
2. He went to the supermarket
3. He went to the bank

A. 1, 2, 3   B. 1, 3, 2   C. 2, 3, 1   D. 3, 1, 2   E. 3, 2, 1

1. John travelled to Lagos with his wife.
2. John bought a car
3. John obtained a driving licence.

A. 1, 2, 3    B. 2, 1, 3   C. 2, 3, 1   D. 3, 1, 2   E. 3, 2, 1

1. She was delivered of a baby boy
2. She got married
3. She became pregnant

A. 1, 2, 3    B. 1, 3, 2   C. 2, 1, 3   D. 2, 3, 1   E. 3, 1, 2

1. The people went to register for election
2. The result of the election was announced
3. The people went to vote

A. 1,3,2   B. 2,1,3    C. 2,3,1    D. 3,1,2     E. 3,2,1

1. The boy sat for Entrance Examination
2. He was given admission
3. He paid his school fees

A. 1,2,3   B. 1,3,2   C. 2,1,3   D. 3,1,2   E. 3,2,1


From the options, choose the one that has at least something in common with the word given in CAPITAL letters.


A. Board     B. Field    C. Gate    D. Library     E. Paint


A. Brake     B. Driver     C. Hawkers     D. Roadsign     E. Traffic


A. Feather    B. Horn    C. Trunk    D. Tusk     E. Wing


A. Accra     B. Cairo     C. Lome     D. Kano     E. Togo


A. Mouse     B. Radio     C. Table     D. Telephone     E. Television


In the question below, choose the word that CANNOT be formed by an arrangement of some or all of the letters of the word printed in CAPITAL letters. Do not use any letter more often than it appears in the given word

A. action B. auction C. caution D. date E. lotion

The word that CANNOT be formed by an arrangement of some or all of the letters of the word EDUCATION is 'lotion'.

Now answer the questions below


A. mop    B. motor     C. paint     D. pair     E. top


A. pose     B. post     C. pure     D. rope     E. soup


A. honey     B. man     C. ram     D. roam     E. yam


A. ring     B. rig     C. tag    D. teeth    E. thing


A. bite    B. bruise   C. rat    D. red    E. seal


In the question below, two incomplete words are given. Choose from the options the one that will correctly complete the first word and begin the second.

A. c     B. d     C. p     D. r    E. t

A. B
B. G
C. H
D. R
E. S

A. d     B. e     C. n    D. p     E. t

A. k     B. n     C. o     D. p     E. w

A. d     B. g     C. h     D. k     E. w


The word below was written in code. Study the word and the code carefully and work out how the code is written.

Examples: KINGS is written as SNIGK

Now use the code pattern to answer the question below:


A. ANMGO     B. GONMA     C. MANGO     D. NGOMA     E. ONAGM


A. ATENE     B. EANET      C. NTAEE       D. TANEE       E. TENAE


A. AKEST      B. EATKS      C. KATES       D. KEATA     E. TAKES


A. KSPEE      B. PDKEE      C. PEEKS      D. PEKES      E. SEEPK


A. KATEN     B. NEKTA     C. NKAET     D. NKEAT     E. TAKNW


In the question below, a pair of words is given. Study the relationship between the two words and choose the most appropriate of the options to complete the second pair.

Example: Book and author, statue and _______
A. marble B. magazine C. man D. model E. sculptor

The most appropriate option is E

Now answer the question:

Pork and pig, mutton and ______

A. cow      B. dog     C. goat     D. horse     E. sheep

Primary school and headmaster, secondary school and ________

A. counselor     B. dean of studies      C. prefect      D. principal     E. vice chancellor

Tailor and tape, farmer and ________

A. book.     B. car.     C. chisel.      D. sickle.     E. spanner.

Cock and crow, elephant and ________

A. chatter.      B. hiss.     C. neigh.      D. quack.     E. trumpet.

State and governor, country and _______

A. commissioner.     B. minister.     C. president.     D. secretary.    E. worker.


The question below consists of FIVE words. One of the words describes what the other four are. Select the option that best describes the other four words.

A. Anxious       B. Happy     C. Mood       D. Nervous      E. Sad

A. Boy       B. Father       C. Husband       D. Male     E. Man

A. Chair     B. Cupboard      C. Furniture     D. Shelf      E. Stool

A. Aeroplane     B. Bicycle     C. Car     D. Train     E. Transportation

A. Beans        B. Meal       C. Rice     D. Salad      E. Yam


The question below consists of FIVE options. Four of them have at least something in common while one is odd. Pick out the one that does NOT belong to the group.

A. Doctor     B. Nurse     C. Pharmacist     D. Radiographer     E. Zoologist

A. Exercise book      B. Gun      C. Pencil     D. Pen     E. Ruler

A. Ball     B. Canvas     C. Chalk     D. Racket     E. Whistle

A. Cashier     B. Cheque     C. Money     D. Teller     E. Wig

A. Carpenter     B. Electrician     C. Painter     D. Plumber     E. Mechanic

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