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The central bank of Nigeria was established in the year _____

A. 1957    B. 1958    C. 1959    D. 1960    E. 1963

What is the full meaning of UBE?

A. Unifying Basic Education
B. Universal Baby Education
C. Universal Basic Education
D. Universal Business Education
E. University Basic Education

What does the green colour on the Nigeria Coat of arms represent?

A. Dignity     B. Fertile soil     C. Peace     D. Strength     E. Unity

The founder of Hausa Kingdom is said to be?

A. Bayajidda    B. Daurana    C. Emotan    D. Oduduwa    E. Queen Amina

The main implement used in mechanized farming is ______

A. cutlass.    B. hoe.    C. rake.    D. shovel.    E. tractor.

Any person in a community with the capacity to influence and direct others is a _____

A. commander    B. director    C. leader    D. judge    E. ruler

Which of the following is a voluntary organisation?

A. Army    B. Custom Service    C. Nigeria Prison    D. Police Force    E. Red Cross

The Efik are found in found in one of the following States.

A. Adamawa    B. Borno     C. Cross Rivers     D. Delta    E. Rivers

All of the following are examples of good behaviour, except _____

A. honesty    B. loyalty    C. obedience    D. orderliness    E. pride

How many local government areas are there in Nigeria?

A. 770     B. 771     C. 772     D. 773     E. 774

The following are the causes of social problems EXCEPT

A. drug abuse.    B. education.    C. illiteracy.    D. poverty.    E. tribalism.

Which of the following is the main source of water?

A. Rain    B. Spring     C. Stream     D. Tap    E. Well

We have traffic regulations in order to

A. arrest road users.
B. keep off druiikards from our roads.
C. maintain the roads in good shape.
D. prevent carelessness and accidents on our roads.
E. prevent thieves, on our roads.

The study of man and his social and physical environment is called _____ .

A. agriculture.    B. geography    C. history.    D. religious studies.    E. social studies

A woman who is not married is called ______

A. bachelor    B. female    C. fiance     D. spinster    E. widow

The following are members of a nuclear family except _____

A. brother    B. cousin    C. father    D. mother    E. sister

One of the following is a modern means of transportation.

A. camel    B. canoe    C. donkey    D. horse    E. plane

Lokoja is known as a/an ______

A. Confluence    B. fishing area.    C. hydro meeting point.   D. irrigation area.   E. valley.

The Nigerian flag was designed by Mr. ______

A. Abiodun Ishola.    B. Kehinde Akinkunmi.    C. Modupe Akindele.    D. Taiwo Akinkunmi.    E. Tayo Akinsola.

Which of the following is not a product of science and technology?

A. Aeroplane     B. Stone     C. Ship     D. Car     E. Train

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