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The area of a triangle of base 5 cm and height 4 cm is ................

A. 20 cm2    B. 30 cm2     C. 10 cm2    D. 40 cm2    E. 5 cm2

If y2 + 18 = 27, what is the positive value of y?

A. 3    B. 4    C. 9    D. 18    E. 27

Change .875 to fraction

A. \frac{5}{8}    B. \frac{6}{8}    C. \frac{7}{8}    D. \frac{9}{8}    E. \frac{4}{8}

If 38n = 266, what is n?

A. 8     B. 2     C. 5     D. 6     E. 7

Find the volume of a cube with sides 4 cm.

A. 62 cm3    B. 63 cm3    C. 64 cm3    D. 65 cm3    E. 66 cm3

The marked price of a radio is N180.00. What will be the cash price if a discount of 6% is allowed?

A. N10.80    B. N16.60    C. N169.20    D. N190.80    E. N3000.00

Which of these is not a perfect square?

A. 4     B. 9     C. 15     D. 16     E. 25

Add \frac{5}{8} and \frac{2}{3}

A. \frac{7}{11}    B. \frac{7}{24}    C. 1\frac{5}{24}    D. 1\frac{7}{24}    E. 1\frac{11}{12}

A boy spent \frac{3}{7} of his pocket money and had N2.40 left. What had he at first?

A. N4.20 B. N5.20 C. N6.20 D. N7.20 E. N8.20

Find the area of a rectangle of length 12 cm and breadth 10 cm.

A. 201 cm²    B. 120 cm²     C. 100 cm²    D. 51 cm²    E. 22 cm²

What fraction of 1 metre is 25 mm?

A. \frac{1}{40 000}     B. \frac{1}{4 000}     C. \frac{1}{400}     D. \frac{1}{40}     E. \frac{1}{4}

The average age of 4 children is 10 years. The average age of three of them is 8½ years. How old is the fourth child?

A. 18½years     B. 1½ years     C. 14½ years     D. 8½ years     E. 8 years

Which of the following fractions has the highest value:

\frac{5}{8}, \frac{4}{5},\frac{1}{2}, \frac{3}{4},\frac{3}{10}

A. \frac{5}{8}    B. \frac{4}{5}    C. \frac{1}{2}    D. \frac{3}{4}    E. \frac{3}{10}

I have 40 oranges. I give 7 to Jane and 9 to Basil. What fraction did I give away? Reduce to its lowest term.

A. \frac{1}{5}      B. \frac{2}{5}     C. \frac{3}{5}     D. \frac{4}{5}     E. \frac{2}{3}

What is the smallest number that can be divided exactly by 2 and 3?

A. 5    B. 6    C. 7    D. 8    E. 9

I thought of a number, doubled it, added 6 to it and the result was 36. What is the number I thought of?

A. 10    B. 11     C. 12    D. 14    E. 15

Find the value of 101 + 98 + 3 015 + 5

A. 3 218     B. 3 208     C. 2 318     D. 3 118     E. 3 128

Olu and Tunde shared N1,200.00 Olu gets N100.00 more than Tunde. How much does Tunde get?

A. N500.00    B. N550.00    C. N600.00    D. N650.00    E. N700.00

Ezejiofor trekked 2 kilometers in 30 minutes. How many minutes will it take him to trek 5 kilometers?

A. 45 minutes    B. 55 minutes    C. 60 minutes    D. 75 minutes    E. 80 minutes

The heights of three trees are 0.41 m, 2.10 m, and 3.52 m. Find the average height.

A. 3.01 m     B. 2.10 m     C. 2.04 m     D. 2.01 m     E. 1.07 m

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