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One of the advantages of personal cleanliness is _______

A. Good health    B. Mouth odour    C. Smelly clothes    D. Friends avoiding you

The figure above is the hibiscus flower. The part labelled B is called ______

A. stigma    B. anther    C. filament    D. petal    E. ovary

The following are examples of drugs found inside the school first aid box except ____

A. analgesic    B. panadol    C. paracetamol    D. iodine    E. cough syrup

Water can be made safe for drinking by ______

A. Filtering    B. Boiling     C. Allowing to settle     D. Evaporating

Which of the following promotes good health?

A. Brushing of teeth at night
B. Leaving food uncovered
C. Keeping long fingernails
D. Washing hair once in three months

______ turns blue litmus paper red.

A. Water     B. Air      C. Wind     D. Acid     E. Base

The earth takes ____to complete one revolution around its axis per day.

A. 1 hour    B. 24 hours     C. 41 seconds    D. 27 hours

We keep pets at home for the following reasons except _____

A. for protection
B. for farm work
C. to kill unwanted pests
D. for warning signals
E. for punishment

The following are examples of cash crops except _______

A. rubber     B. cocoa      C. yam     D. kolanut     E. cotton

Massive deposit of limestone can be found in ______ State.

A. Enugu      B. Ondo     C. Ogun     D. Kano    E. Borno

The following are examples of rocks in Nigeria except ______

A. Olumo rock    B. Zuma rock    C. Oban hills   D. Shere hills   E. Ikogosi Warm Water Spring

The ball and socket joints are found in the shoulder and _____

A. elbow     B. knee     C. hip    D. ankle    E. ribs

A young dog is called ______

A. puppy     B. kid     C. lamb     D. kitten     E. chick

_______ is a liquid mineral resource in Nigeria.

A. Lead    B. Coal     C. Gold    D. Crude Oil    E. Limestone

Things we can see around us are called_____________

A. Living things    B. Matter     C. Non-living things    D. Volume

The following form the inner solar system except

A. Mercury     B. Venus     C. Saturn     D. Mars

Living thing can be classified into _________ and __________

A. Living thing and non-living thing
B. Matter and money
C. Plant and animal
D. Life and death

Which of the following is not a cleaning agent?

A. Water    B. Duster    C. Sweet    D. Soap

The following drugs could be obtained from plants except

A. Cocaine    B. Marijuana    C. Lithium    D. Opium

State of matter that has definite shape and volume is known as_____

A. Gas     B. Water    C. Liquid   D. Solid

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