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Which of these is NOT a type of marriage?

A. Christian    B. Court    C. Customary    D. Islamic    E. Nuclear

How many local government areas are there in Nigeria?

A. 770     B. 771     C. 772     D. 773     E. 774

Nigeria became a federation with 36 states in the year _____

A. 1976    B. 1986    C. 1996    D. 2006    E. 2012

Any person in a community with the capacity to influence and direct others is a _____

A. commander    B. director    C. leader    D. judge    E. ruler

One of the following is a modern means of transportation.

A. camel    B. canoe    C. donkey    D. horse    E. plane

Which of the following is NOT a mineral resource?

A. cash    B. columbite    C. limestone    D. gold    E. tin

Iron ore can be found in ......... state

A. Kaduna     B. Kogi     C. Lagos     D. Oyo     E. Sokoto

The legal separation of marriage is called _________

A. courtship     B. divorce     C. proposal     D. separation     E. termination

The Nigerian flag was designed by Mr. ______

A. Abiodun Ishola.    B. Kehinde Akinkunmi.    C. Modupe Akindele.    D. Taiwo Akinkunmi.    E. Tayo Akinsola.

What does the eagle in the Nigeria Coat of Arms represent?

A. Dignity     B. Fertile soil     C. Peace     D. River Niger and Benue     E. Strength

The head of the family is the _______

A. brother.     B. father.     C. grand father.     D. mother.     E. uncle.

Which of the following is not a food crop?

A. Cassava    B. Cotton     C. Maize     D. Millet     E. Yam

One of the following states is regarded as the seat of the caliphate

A. Kebbi     B. Kwara     C. Niger     D. Sokoto     E. Zamfara

The following are reasons why people travel to other countries, except to _____

A. buy goods   B. hold important meetings   C. know those places  D. make calls there   E. study

The three major ethnic groups in Nigeria are _______

A. Hausa, Ijaw, Ibibio
B. Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba
C. Igbo, Yoruba, Kanuri
D. Nupe, Igbo, Yoruba
E. Yoruba, Fulani, Efik

The colour of Nigeria national flag is ........

A. blue, white, green.
B. blue, green, white.
C. green, green, green.
D. green, white, green.
E. green, blue, white.

The horse on the Nigerian Coat of arms represents ________

A. beauty    B. dignity    C. good soil    D. river Niger/Benue   E. strength

The Efik are found in found in one of the following States.

A. Adamawa    B. Borno     C. Cross Rivers     D. Delta    E. Rivers

A place where people keep their money and valuables is called _____

A. bank.    B. save.    C. security house.    D. strong room    E. treasury.
The qualities of a good leader include the following except _______

A. hard work    B. honesty    C. partiality   D. patience   E. sincerity

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Scoreboard for National/State Common Entrance Examination Practice Tests - Social Studies

  1. Francis Chinomso - 100%
  4. Michael Davis - 90%
  5. Davis Micheal - 90%
  6. Davis Micheal - 90%
  7. Michael Davis - 90%
  8. Michael Davis - 90%
  9. Michael Davis - 90%
  10. Michael Davis - 90%
  11. Michael Davis - 90%
  12. Michael Davis - 90%
  13. Michael Davis - 90%
  14. Michael Davis - 90%
  15. Udeogu Joy - 85%
  16. Michael Davis - 85%
  17. Michael Davis - 85%
  18. Michael Davis - 85%
  19. Michael Davis - 85%
  21. Michael Davis - 70%
  22. Davis Micheal - 70%
  23. Michael Davis - 65%
  24. Michael Davis - 60%
  25. Onyia kamsyochukwu - 55%
  26. Udeogu Joy - 55%
  27. francis chinomso - 50%
  28. Ejile Joy - 30%
  29. Michael Davis - 25%

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