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The following drugs could be obtained from plants except

A. Cocaine    B. Marijuana    C. Lithium    D. Opium

The female part of a flower is called _____

A. nectar    B. stigma     C. anthers     D. pollen grains    E. filament

Which of the following is not a cleaning agent?

A. Water    B. Duster    C. Sweet    D. Soap

Study the diagram above. The part labelled a is _______

A. hip joint    B. shoulder joint    C. ankle joint    D. knee joint     E. elbow joint.

The following are the uses of drugs except

A. To save life    B. To relieve suffering    C. To combat diseases    D. To kill

Animals are living things that move about in search of ______

A. Money    B. Paper    C. Biro     D. Food

The process by which an object that had been used before is given some treatment to make it useful again is called ______

A. pollution    B. chemical    C. recycling    D. painting    E. polishing

The following are examples of cash crops except _______

A. rubber     B. cocoa      C. yam     D. kolanut     E. cotton

The following are examples of drugs found inside the school first aid box except ____

A. analgesic    B. panadol    C. paracetamol    D. iodine    E. cough syrup

The bones in the body are joined together in a framework called _____

A. muscles     B. joints     C. skeleton     D. blood     E. heart

The following are planets in the sky except ______

A. Mercury    B. Jupiter   C. Mars    D. Cloud    E. Pluto

In human blood vessels, the _______ acts as links between arteries and veins.

A. blood    B. arterioles     C. capillaries    D. lungs    E. heart

A balanced diet cannot have ______

A. Sweet     B. Water     C. Vegetables     D. Oils

Which food nutrient helps us to fight diseases?

A. Carbohydrate     B. Protein    C. Fat    D. Vitamins

Which of the following contains vitamins?

A. Yam     B. Vegetable oil     C. Pineapple    D. Cassava

Which of these is not a waterborne disease?

A. Cholera    B. Diarrhoea    C. HIV/AIDS    D. Typhoid

There are _____ planets in the sky.

A. ten    B. six    C. nine    D. seven    E. eight

Indiscrimate dumping of waste can lead to the following except ______

A. flooding
B. air pollution
C. water pollution
D. degraded environment
E. healthy environment

We drink water for which of these reasons?

A. To get fatter     B. To help digestion    C. For growth    D. For strong teeth

The following methods can be used to control vectors except

A. Good sanitation    B. Destroying where they lay eggs   C. Feeding them   D. Use of insecticides

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