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Which of the following is NOT food crop?

A. Cotton     B. Maize     C. Millet     D. Rice     E. Yam

The wind that brings heavy rain blow from ________

A. North-east    B. North-west    C. North-south    D. South-east    E. South-west

The following are problems associated with unemployment except

A. begging.     B. drug abuse.     C. stealing.     D. tailoring    E. thuggery

The current system of education in Nigeria is _____

A. 5, 4, 4.    B. 6, 3, 4.     C. 7, 3, 4.    D. 7, 5, 4.     E. 9, 3, 4.

Which of the following is a current political party in Nigeria?

A. National Party of Nigeria (NPN)
B. National Republican Convention (NRC)
C. Nigeria People Party (NPP)
D. Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)
E. Social Democratic Party (SDP)

The head of the family is the _______

A. brother.     B. father.     C. grand father.     D. mother.     E. uncle.

The sum total of a people’s way of life is _____

A. culture.     B. ethnicity.     C. loyalty.     D. obligation.     E. socialization.

When was the Economic Community of West African States set up?

A. April 2nd 1972   
B. December 4th 1972   
C. May 22nd 1973   
D. May 28th 1975   
E. June 25th 1976

The main reason for establishment of Federal Government Colleges is to promote _____

A. crisis    B. destruction    C. disintegration    D. segregation    E. unity

The two major religions practised in Nigeria are _______

A. Christianity and Idolatry
B. Christianity and Islam
C. Hinduism and Christianity
D. Idolatry and Islam
E. Islam and Hinduism

Where is the headquarters of ECOWAS?

A. Abuja.     B. Accra.     C. Addis-Ababa.     D. Kampala.     E. Nairobi.

A woman who is not married is called ______

A. bachelor    B. female    C. fiance     D. spinster    E. widow

All the following are modern meant of transportation, except

A. Aeroplane.     B. Bicycle.     C. Car.     D. Train.    E. Wheelbarrow.

Where was the first postal services established in Nigeria?

A. Enugu     B. Ibadan     C. Kaduna     D. Lagos     E. Lokoja

The founder of Hausa Kingdom is said to be?

A. Bayajidda    B. Daurana    C. Emotan    D. Oduduwa    E. Queen Amina

The study of man and his social and physical environment is called _____ .

A. agriculture.    B. geography    C. history.    D. religious studies.    E. social studies

The famous groundnut pyramid was in _________

A. Jigawa.     B. Kaduna.     C. Kano.    D. Sokoto.    E. Yobe.

The family that consists of the father, mother and children is known as ........... family

A. compound    B. extended    C. Kindred.    D. Nuclear.    E. polygamous

We have traffic regulations in order to

A. arrest road users.
B. keep off druiikards from our roads.
C. maintain the roads in good shape.
D. prevent carelessness and accidents on our roads.
E. prevent thieves, on our roads.

One of the following is a modern means of transportation.

A. camel    B. canoe    C. donkey    D. horse    E. plane

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