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To be a nationalist, one should have the following qualities EXCEPT

A. Loyalty and dedication in serving one's country.
B. Have a genuine love for the country
C. The readiness to serve the country every time
D. The readiness to accept bribe when necessary

Nigeria is known as a _________ ethnic nation because of the number of languages spoken.

A. bi    B. dual    C. multi    D. none

The slogan for Edo State is __________

(a) The People’s Paradise     (b) Heartbeat of Nigeria     (c) Glory of all Lands     (d) Home of Peace

National honours and awards are usually conferred by ______

A. The Senate President     B. The President     C. The Chief Judge     D. The Chief of Defence Staff

Which language is spoken in the South Eastern part of Nigeria?

A. Hausa    B. Ibibio     C. Igbo     D. Ijaw

The 4th in rank of the orders of the National Merit Award is _______

(a) Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON)
(b) Officer of the Federal Republic (OFR)
(c) Officer of the Order of the Niger
(d) Commander

What are the opening words of the present National Anthem?

A. Arise o compatriots
B. Arise o nation
C. Nigeria we hail thee
D. Nigeria, our beloved country

May 27th every year is celebrated in Nigeria as _______

A. children's day     B. commonwealth day    C. democracy day    D. worker's day

Whose portrait is on the Nigeria N5 note?

A. Sir Tafawa Balewa
B. Dr. Alvan Ikoku
C. Gen. Muritala Muhammed
D. The Three Major Ethnic Groups

One of the attributes of a bad is citizen is _______

A. hard work    B. loyalty    C. partiality    D. patriotism


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