National/State Common Entrance Examination Practice Tests – English Studies Set 5


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The new wife entered the room to ______

A. check if the baby was awake.
B. cook her meal.
C. fetch fire for her meal.
D. steal the meat.
E. watch over the baby

The woman knew her meat was stolen because ______

A. her neighbor informed her.
B. she hid somewhere in the room
C. she saw the new wife coming out of her room
D. the baby informed her.
E. the meat was not the way she left it

The most suitable title for this passage could be _____

A. Babies and their mothers
B. The embarrassed woman
C. The final judgment
D. The stolen meat
E. Why babies don’t talk

The king reasoned that if babies’ were allowed to continue talking, they could ___

A. be too wise for their age.
B. disgrace adults with their talks.
C. disrespect adults.
D. disturb their mothers.
E. take over his kingdom

The word ‘golden’ as used in the passage is ______

A. a noun.     B. a pronoun.     C. a verb.     D. an adjective.     E. an adverb

According to the passage, in which of these games can colour be used to score points?

A. Badminton     B. Chess     C. Football     D. Hockey     E. Scrabble

To score high in the sport of archery, the arrow must _____

A. be recognized by the archer.
B. hit the golden bull’s-eye.
C. hit the target.
D. reach the colours in the target.
E. remain in the target

Colour coding helps the following except _____

A. archers.     B. businessmen.     C. electricians.     D. footballers.     E. map makers

Choose from the options lettered A – E, the one that is nearest in meaning to the word in italics

We found the missing items inside the cupboard in the store.

A. abandoned     B. forgotten     C. hidden      D. lost     E. neglected

The pupils are eager to go on holiday.

A. afraid     B. desperate      C. keen      D. prepared      E. reluctant

The enemies invaded the village

A. attacked      B. conquered      C. encamped      D. searched      E. visited

The eyewitness gave a vivid account of the fatal accident.

A. brief     B. brilliant     C. detailed     D. horrible      E. vague

I shall certainly pass my examinations if I study very hard.

A. definitely     B. doubtfully     C. frankly     D. honestly     E. truthfully

Choose from the options lettered A— E, the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in italics

The child felt secured in his mother’s arms.

A. abandoned     B. comfortable     C. detached     D protected     E. unsafe

The soldiers retreated when their commander was shot.

A. advanced     B. begged     C. disappeared     D. mourned     E. surrendered

The criminal did not show any sign of guilt during interrogation.

A. forgiveness     B. innocence     C. regret     D. repentance     E. weakness

He was elevated for his hard work.

A. demoted     B. praised     C. punished     D. rebuked     E. rewarded

The comforting word sent him to sleep.

A. angry     B. consoling     C. disturbing     D. pleasing     E. reassuring

I _____ some gifts from my friends.

A. received     B. receved     C. recevied     D. recieved     E. riceived

The child is suffering from _______

A. malnutretion.      B. malnutrision.      C. malnutrition.      D. maiiutrition.      E. melnutrition

Okon has a ______ bag.

A. beautiful leather small
B. beautiful small leather
C. leather beautiful small
D. leather small beautiful
E. small beautiful leather

Mother was cooking Lunch when I ______ back home.

A. came     B. come     C. comes     D had come     E. have come

I was advised to look _____ word in the dictionary.

A. at    B. by     C. down    D. into    E. up

Miss Gloria, together with her cousin, _____ visiting the United States of America next year.

A. are    B. has been    C. was    D. were    E. will be

Abraham is thirsty, _______he?

A. doesn’t    B. is    C. isn’t    D. wasn’t    E. will

She _____ to school everyday.

A. is frekking    B. trek     C. trekked     D. trekking    E. treks

The teacher asked ____ shoes were left outside?

A. these    B. this    C. those    D. what    E. whose

The hunters warned the villagers to beware _____ dangerous animals.

A. against    B. by    C. from    D. of    E. with

Father hurt ______ when he fell down.

A. himself    B. itself    C. oneself    D. theirseif    E. themselves

Tayo and Tom _____ in the same class.

A. are    B. has been    C. is    D. is being    E. were being

She is beautiful _____ arrogant.

A. also    B. and    C. but    D. or    E. while

It is often said that if wishes were ______ would ride.

A. available, beggars     B. cars, the rich     C. horses, beggars     D. horses, the rich     E. planes, beggars

The robbers _____ ran out of the room when they saw the police.

A. angrily    B. forcefully    C. gradually   D. quickly    E. sluggishly

The statement “You must finish your homework,” the teacher said, rewritten in the reported speech form becomes, The teacher said that homework _____

A. he could finish my
B. he might finish his
C. he must have finished his
D. I might finish my
E. I must finish my

The statement “The cat ate the meat”, rewritten in the passive form becomes, The meat ______ by the cat.

A. had been eaten     B. has been eaten     C. is being eaten     D. is eaten     E. was eaten

Indeed, _____  an examination without adequate preparation could lead to failure.

A. to be writing     B. to have been writing     C. to have written     D. to write     E. writing


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