National/State Common Entrance Examination Practice Tests – English Studies Set 4


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The two friends saw a wild pig while ______

A. climbing a tall tree.     B. playing.     C. skeping.     D. taking a walk.     E. working in the bush

Another word that can replace terrified as used in the passage could be ____

A. cheered.     B. comforted.      C. consoled.      D. frightened.      E. reassured.

According to the passage, the thin man escaped from the pig by ______

A. crying for help.
B. jumping and climbing a tree.
C. pretending to be dead.
D. remembering an old tale.
E. running out of the forest.

Which of these statements is not true according to the passage?

A. The pig sniffed loudly into the fat man’s ear.
B. There was a wild pig.
C. There were three friends.
D. ‘they went for a walk in the forest.
E. Wild pigs do not eat dead men.

Why did Toro leave home? Toro left home because he was _______

A. blind.     B. called a monster.     C. hungry.     D. loved.     E. sad.

The town was called “Blind Town” because the _____

A. fruits were ripe.
B. fruits were wasting away.
C. land was fertile.
D. people could not see.
E. people were beggars

Toro was made king because he _______

A. could see.     B. had one eye.     C. needed to be a leader.    D. was blind too.     E. was just a boy.

Why were Toro’s people and parents ashamed of themselves? They were ashamed because they _____

A. did not care for him.   
B. wanted a king.   
C. wanted to go to “Blind Town”.
D. were blind.
E. were monsters.

Choose from the options lettered A-E, the one that is nearest in meaning to the word in italics

He took us to the summit of the hill.

A. base     B. bottom     C. cliff    D. middle     E. peak

He instructed them to clean the bathroom.

A. directed      B. forced      C. guided     D. persuaded     E. supervised

The new policy is beneficial to our school.
A. charitable     B. destructive     C. harmful     D. pleasant     E. useful.

Who among them is the most beautiful?

A. most dangerous    B. most handsome    C. most notorious    D. prettiest    E. ugliest

The man always keeps the shop neat.

A. clean    B. dirty    C. dry    D. rough    E. smooth

Choose from the options lettered A-E, the one that is most nearly apposite in meaning to the word in italics.

He had many supporters in the last election.

A. agents    B. enemies   C. Followers    D. friends    E. opponents

The arts master destroyed all recent paintings in the art gallery.

A. ancient    B. current    C. fresh    D. irrelevant    E. modem

He was given a standing ovation during the concert.

A. applause     B. condemnation     C. rebuff     D. rejection     E. support

The bank has so many debtors.

A. borrowers     B. creditors     C. investors     D. lenders     E. workers

My father is the ______ of our school,

A. preneipul     B. princepal     C. principal     D. pritcipel      E. principle

The head teacher _________ the class teacher are absent.

A. and     B. nor     C. or     D. together with     E. with

This banana should be shared _______ five of you.

A. against    B. among     C. between     D. to     E. with

The woman added a ______ quantity of salt to the soup.

A. few     B. little     C. many     D. much     E. small

The teacher taught the pupils to always stand _____ the road side.

A. at     B. by     C. in      D. of     E. on

This is the boy _____ scored the first goal.

A. which     B. who     C. whom     D. who’s     E. whose

Neither the headteacher _____ the teacher was found guilty.

A. and     B. including     C. nor     D. or     E. with

Uzochi _______ to church every Sunday.

A. go     B. goes     C. is going     D. was going     E. went

You are a member of this team, _______ you?

A. are     B. aren’t     C. did     D. were     E. weren’t

The two boys were advised to help ________

A. each other.     B. one another    C. theirself      D. theirselves     E. themselves

Tochukwu and Shehu _____  in primary three two years ago.

A. are     B. have been     C. is     D. was     E. were

She is the _____ of the two sisters.

A. more smarter     B. most smarter     C. smart     D. smarter     E. smartest

My father complained that Audu _____ his hands into his pockets.

A. has thrusted     B. have thrusted     C. thrust     D thrusted     E. thrusting

He complained that the car was ______ expensive.

A. more     B. most     C. much     D. quite     E. so

The fence is _____ high that no one can climb it.

A. much     B. quite     C. so     D. too     E. very

The ______ will he held tomorrow.

A. celeberation     B. celebration     C. celleberetion     D. cellebration     E. cellebretion

______ I see her for a few minutes?

A. Can     B. Could     C. Shall     D. Should     E. Would

My brother's name is on the _______ list

A. admision      B. admission     C. addmission      D. admmission      E. addmision

The traffic police _______ traffic when the traffic lights were out of order.

A. control     B. controls    C. controlled    D. is controlling     E. will not control

Uloma _______ us for the picnic yesterday.

A. join     B. joins     C. is joining     D. joined    E. has joined


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