National/State Common Entrance Examination Practice Tests – English Studies Set 3


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Read the passage below carefully and answer the question that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A - E

There were three activities Musa enjoyed so much while growing up. These are the recitation of nursery rhymes, which increased his retentive memory, playing of football, which enhanced his physical fitness and storytelling, which boosted his thinking ability and taught him several moral lessons. Of all these, his favourite was storytelling.

His friend, Ibe, on the other hand, liked watching cartoon network and playing violent video games and films. He concentrated more on violent video games. For him, children should play more violent video games because they make a child smart and creative. More so, they bring about quick thinking and fast decision-making.

One day, Musa and Ibe met in school during break time and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of those activities they liked. Musa succeeded in discouraging his friend from playing and watching violent video games and films.

This was done by telling Ibe a short about Clinton, an American boy who picked a gun and shot his father as a result of what he learned through playing and watching violent video games.

His father died and Clinton regretted his action. Apart from this obvious fact, other reasons why Musa disliked violent video games were that they teach kids the wrong values such as aggressive behaviour and vengeance. They also corrupt the mind.

On listening to this short story, Ibe vowed never to play or watch violent video games and films again.

Which one of these activities is Musa's favourite?

A. Playing of football.
B. Playing of video games.
C. Recitation of nursery rhymes.
D. Story telling.
E. Watching films.

According to the passage, _________ shot his father.

A. a child     B.  a friend     C. Clinton     D. Ibe     E. Musa

Another word that can replace disliked as it is used in the passage is _______

A. hated B. loved C. shunned D. wanted E. watched

Ibe was used to ______

A. catching fun.     B. talking to Musa.     C. telling story.     D. watching football.    E. watching violent films.

Musa liked football because it ______

A. boosted his thinking ability.
B. enhanced his physical fitness.
C. increased his retentive memory.
D. made him smart and creative.
E. taught him several moral lessons.

Read the passage below carefully and answer the question that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A - E

Hand washing is the single most important thing that you can do to help prevent the spread of infection and stay healthy.

As many as 80 percent of infections are said to be passed on by unclean hands. So, wash them often throughout the day. Do so especially before eating, cooking food and after dressing or touching a wound, touching an animal, using the toilet or changing a baby's diaper.

Washing with soap and water is more effective than using alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Children stay healthier when parents train them to wash their hands and to keep them away from their mouths and eyes. Bathing everyday and keeping your clothes and bed linens, fresh and clean also contribute to better health.

Culled from Awake

If we wash our hands regularly, we will be able to _________

A. change a baby's diaper.
B. clean toilets well.
C. prepare delicious food.
D. prevent spread of infection.
E. touch and dress wounds.

Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. Bathing once in two months contributes to good health.
B. Children who wash their hands often fall sick.
C. Hands should be washed before using the toilet.
D. Keeping clothes fresh and clean promotes better health.
E. Parents who teach their children to wash their hands encourage unhealthy habit

"So, wash them often....." What does the underlined word refer to?

A. Diaper   B. Eyes   C. Hands   D. Mouths   E. Toilets

Hands washing is more effective using _______ and ________

A. alcohol, sanitisers.
B. alcohol, soap.
C. sanitisers, water
D. soap, water.
E. water, alcohol

A word that can replace lines as used in the passage is ______

A. clothes.     B. napkin.     C. nets.     D. sheets.     E. towels.

Choose from the options, the one that is nearest in meaning to the word in italics.

John went to the bookshop to buy his textbooks.

A. borrow   B. collect   C. purchase   D. receive   E. sell

We have packed out of the old house.

A. come    B. gone    C. jumped    D. moved    E. parked

The hunter was afraid when he saw the lion.

A. angry   B. bold   C. brave   D. happy   E. scared

The teacher taught the pupils how to make baskets with paper.

A. create    B. draw    C. mend    D. paint    E. sew

Jane's mother bought her a Christmas dress that was costly.

A. beautiful.   B. cheap.   C. expensive.   D. ugly.   E. wonderful.

Complete the statement below with the option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in italics.

The cook made us a pot of sweet tea.

A. bitter   B. creamy    C. delicious    D. smelly    E. tasty

Sam's mother praised him for failing the examination.

A. blamed    B. celebrated    C. congratulated    D. honoured    E. thanked

The tortoise has always been a foolish animal.

A. cunning    B. greedy    C. loyal   D. stupid   E. wise

The patient felt terrible after the operation.

A. bad   B. good   C. guilty   D. lucky   E. satisfied

My sister would be leaving for Canada soon.

A. at once   B. early   C. immediately   D. later   E. now

Complete the statement below with the most appropriate option.

The superlative form of sweet is ________

A. most sweet.    B. most sweeter.    C. much sweet.    D. sweeter.    E. sweetest.

Their parents are rich, so are _______

A. mine     B. my     C. them     D. they     E. us

She met us when we ______ to her house.

A. are going     B. go     C. had gone     D. was going     E. were going

Bisi and Bola _______ down the lawn every morning.

A. are running     B. has run     C. ran     D. run     E. runs

The boy ______ blue shirt is my brother.

A. in     B. inside     C. on     D. under     E. with

_______ Jane and Juliet will have the toy.

A. Although     B. Both     C. Either     D. Neither     E. Until

The word "present" will change to an adjective by adding the suffix ______

A. able.     B. ed.     C. ing.     D. ly.     E. s.

Ngozi bought her aunt a ________ present

A. wedding     B. weddinng     C. weding     D. weeding     E. welding

My shoe are made _______ leather.

A. by     B. from     C. in     D. of     E. on

The students are happy _______ their result.

A. about     B. for     C. on     D. over     E. up

I love my sister but ______ of them is alive today.

A. all     B. both     C. each     D. either     E. none

Simon is not in the class, he may _______ to the toilet.

A. be going
B. go
C. have been going
D. have gone
E. going

The girl is dancing. ______ she?

A. Didn't     B. Does     C. Isn't     D. Is     E. Won't

________ leaving the hospital. Mary called her father.

A. Although     B. Because     C. Before     D. Nevertheless     E. Though

The governor appointed the _______ last week.

A. chaiman     B. chairman     C. cheerman     D. cheimans     E. cheirman

Only _______ people attended the meeting last month.

A. a few     B. a little     C. few     D. much     E. one

The article "a" can be used with the following, except _______

A. house.     B. sheet.     C. shoe.     D. umbrella.     E. pen.

She _______ table tennis very well.

A. has play     B. had play     C. has being play     D. is playing     E. plays

Grace asked, " _________ is my bag?"

A. It     B. This     C. What     D. When     E. Where

Who among them is the most beautiful?

A. most dangerous      B. most handsome      C. most notorious     D. prettiest     E. ugliest

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