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Administering more than the prescribed dose(s) of days is called _____

A. healthy lifestyle    B. drug abuse    C. good living    D. balance diet

Water pollutants includes the following except ______

A. industrial waste   B. dust in the air    C. crude oil    D. sewage from home and industries

Materials which decay are also called _______

A. Non-biodegradable    B. Biodegradable    C. Compost     D. Rust

There are _____ planets in the sky.

A. ten    B. six    C. nine    D. seven

The following are ways through which our environment are degraded except _____

A. indiscriminate defecation
B. insanitary sewage disposal
C. obnoxious gases from open dumps
D. monthly environmental sanitation

When the pollen grains of a male flower drop on the stigma of the same flower, it is called _____

A. fertilisation     B. self pollination     C. reproduction    D. cross pollination

Erosion can be reduced through the following ways except _______

A. digging through roads    B. crop rotation    C. cover crops    D. afforestation

The following are functions of human skeleton except ______

A. it gives protection to the delicate parts of the body
B. it gives shape to the body
C. it makes movement possible.
D. it pumps blood to every parts of the body

The removal of the top layer of the soil by water or wind is called _______

A. soil collection    B. soil science   C. erosion    D. experiment

The total shadow obtained when an opaque material is placed in front of a source of light is called _____

A. Penumbra     B. Eclipse    C. Umbra    D. Saturn


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