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Study the figure above. The part labelled B is ______

A. kidney    B. ureter     C. bladder     D. prostate gland     E. urethra

______ is an example of acid.

A. Hydrochloric    B. Ammonia     C. Laxative    D. Soap    E. Paper

When water bodies are heated up, the water becomes vapour and escape into the air by _______ process.

A. evaporation    B. precipitation    C. condensation    D. rainfall    E. water cycle

Massive deposit of coal can be found in _______ state

A. Sokoto    B. Enugu     C. Plateau    D. Osun    E. Ogun

__________ is a living thing that usually stays in one place

A. Grasshopper    B. Toad     C. Plant    D. Animal

A young cat is called _____

A. puppy     B. kid      C. lamb     D. kitten     E. chick

Which food nutrient helps us to fight diseases?

A. Carbohydrate     B. Protein    C. Fat    D. Vitamins

In human reproduction, the male produces a gamete called _____

A. ovum     B. zygote    C. spermatozoan    D. eggs    E. gonads

In human blood vessels, the _______ acts as links between arteries and veins.

A. blood    B. arterioles     C. capillaries    D. lungs    E. heart

The diagram above represents the movement of the earth and the moon around the sun. The object labelled B is _____

A. mars    B. earth    C. moon    D. sun     E. planet

Administering more than the prescribed dose(s) of days is called _____

A. healthy lifestyle    B. drug abuse    C. good living    D. balance diet    E. drug fear

Which of these is not an example of air pollutant?

A. Smoke     B. Mosquito coil    C. Fertilizer    D. Dust particles

______ are scientists that study things in the sky.

A. Doctors    B. Pharmacists    C. Teachers    D. Herbalist    E. Astronomers

Which of these actions will not transmit HIV/AIDS?

A. Sharing blade    B. Sexual intercourse    C. Touching    D. Using untested blood for transfusion

Materials needed for maintaining healthy environment includes the following except ______

A. cutlass    B. hoe    C. broom    D. lawn mower    E. pencil

Study the figure above. The experiment reveals that ______

A. air has force    B. air occupies space    C. air has weight    D. air moves around   E. air is friendly

There are _____ planets in the sky.

A. ten    B. six    C. nine    D. seven    E. eight

The best source of drinking water is _____

A. Pipe-borne water    B. Well    C. Stream    D. Pond

Drug must be administered with the guidance of a/an ______

A. doctor    B. teacher    C. mummy    D. daddy    E. uncle

The following are ways through which our environment are degraded except _____

A. indiscriminate defeation
B. insanitary sewage disposal
C. obnoxious gases from open dumps
D. monthly environmental sanitation
E. dust from open incinerators

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